Strider Boots in NG+?
1 year ago
New York, USA

So, I brought this up in the Discord, and we kind of came to the realization that the Strider Boots may be a bit powerful in NG+ runs due to the amount of running in city-states involved.

For those who don't know, the Strider Boots are a rare drop from the Simurghasbord FATE inside Eureka Anemos. It is a Level 1 pair of boots that grant an additional ten seconds of Sprint inside of city-states when equipped. The boots are market prohibited and untradable, so Anemos is the only way to obtain these.

Since it's not Cash Shop, by the current standards of the rules it isn't illegal, but I thought I should ask regardless just in case.

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She/Her, They/Them
1 year ago

oh cool another thing that buffs sprint! if the boots work the exact same way Fleet-Footed does then it could lower a loooot IL times as well

time to start eureka ;;;;;;;;;;

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I suspect the FC buff and Strider boots don't stack. If not, it's sort of a moot point, but since the FC buff is ok for ng+ I imagine Striders would be too.

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