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Been reviewing the route for any% before trying to get into it, and was curious about two missions that get taken.

The first is "Prof in Trouble". The mission is taken, you deploy, and you flee. What's the point? Mission cycling?

The Second is the toss-up between a Clan fight and Village Hunt. I would think it would be mission cycling but the route specifies that a clan hunt will meet the requirements so now I'm not sure.

Every other mission in the route is either story, or used to give some form of bonus; whether to unlock an item with Atk+ or unlock Lini or Cheney; so those two are kind of confusing to me.


Can't say for sure since it's been a very long time since i looked into any of this game or saw any runs, but it's most likely to unlock the next tier of shop (10 battles), fleeing from fights counts as a battle for this count.
The reasoning for taking the mission instead of just doing clan fights would be because it's on a tile you're already sat on

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For posterity: We got confirmation in Discord; it is indeed for the shop upgrade.

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