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I am a true expert of FF tactics, I completed it at 100% all missions and Cid unlocked, and I had a character that was a real blast! When you receive "Elda's cup" item from a mission, start sending your clanmates in the missions that have to be completed in days or battles, and have them bring the Elda's cup. If you're lucky, more early than later you will have a new recruit request of a Viera woman character named "Eldena," a red mage. This character has very powerful stats and must be trained as an archer, red mage and assassin. If you let her have a few levels as an archer, she will learn "concentration" a support ability that increases to 99% attack chance success (even of the "last breath" assassin ability which will KO at 70%). As a red mage, she will learn double magic and all the basic spells so she will be able to cure herself and the clanmates or cast the right thunder/blizzard/fire when needed. After some level, teach her an elementalist or sorcerer ability I don't remember, to make her an assassin, then leave her to that class and teach her "last breath" and "Ultima Chaos" with masamune sword. You will have a character that can KO at 70% chance increased by concentration ability, she will cast 2 spells, either for damage or heal and she could also deal 999 damage with 60 mana in needed situations. From now on, gaining levels as an assassin will increase her weapons damage, making her a perfect tank that can do combat missions single-handedly