Throwing Down the Gauntlet with Gift Subs. Giftlet?
3 years ago
Tennessee, USA

In a recent thread, it was mentioned that the community of players is larger than ever. I respectfully disagree. Right now it appears that the people actively running this game are me and ChessJerk. Toorima was running the game until his WR, which is understandable. I'm not likely to play a bunch for a while.

This is a bad state for the game to be in, because having many former players who haven't actively run this game more than once or twice in the last six months creates some really toxic possibilities when it comes to discussion of changes to the speedrunning meta. LOTS of great people list FFL2 on their list of active games, but the runs just aren't happening. Nobody is a villain or bad person here, and everyone has their reasons for not playing, but the time constraints that prevent us from playing are not preventing us from critiquing runs or suggesting changes to the rules.

I'd like to put my money where my mouth is in hopes of increasing the number of stakeholders in this run.

Between now and the end of September, if you stream ten hours of Final Fantasy Legend II speedrunning in the most popular category, and leave up the VODs, I'll gift your stream ten subs. For now I'm going to limit that to one gifting per streamer, but I could be convinced to support the game further.

All but a few of us here have a VERY real chance to get a new PB with ten hours of total speedrunning play time. Those who have never run it before but are interested will find that sub-1:50 is a very achievable and fun goal.

I'll set some reasonable limit to prevent some weird viral thing from wiping out my retirement. We'll set it at ten streamers for now.

This is a great game, and it's a great speedrun. You should be playing it, and convincing your friends to play it.

Tennessee, USA

Just realize we live in the same state ! Well, with everyone's help, I was able to cut my 5+ hour runs down a bit. Still have been unable to beat my personal best from 7 months ago. Been playing offline each week, but have not made it under 2.30.00 Not really hip on how to stream and such. Also, what is the most popular category ?

Tennessee, USA

Hey folks! I've run into several folks running this in September. Make sure when you hit the 10-hour streamed mark for this speedrun you let me know! The offer is still good and I don't want to forget anyone.