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So here we go again!
For now, sign-ups are open here:
If you do sign up, be sure to fill in BOTH sheets on the document to help us with categories.

The current plan is to have 2 teams of just main numbered games at least, and then depending on people expand out to the other games listed, or to add another team. The exact details will be determined closer to the time.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to create a thread to ask them, or message one of the organisers directly (All of them are moderators on this subforum, so a list can be found on the left of the page).


This year we'll be using Discord instead of Skype/Mumble, so if you do signup please join the Discord here:


I don't run any FF games but I do know Vagrant Story (set in the same world as FF12 and tactics) Any interest in having that too or is it literally just FF games?


Sorry, we're only accepting submissions for the games listed on the Google Doc.