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So is there going to be a new category for the new Steam release? If so, what are the rules going to be?

Cutscenes are skippable by pressing confirm, and the battle camera panning can be removed in the configuration settings. Not to mention all of the silly boosters, but those seem too broken for an actual speedrun.

So, what's the verdict? PC%?


As happens for FF7 and FF8, i guess boosters will not be accepted for the "main" category (speed booster and no-encounters could form 2 sub-leaderboards, as happens for FF8 with F12345% category)

Of course PC% will be split from PSX%, that is just obvious

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pls don't create stupid categories... it's speedrun, not Funrun. if you want short rpg run go play mario or pokemon.

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Give me a Booster% category and I'll be happy. That's all I'm asking for!

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Just give them sensible names like "Any%" and "Any% no boosters" (or "Any% w/ boosters" and "Any%")

Not this stupid meme% or F12345% shit that doesn't tell you the objective of the speedrun

Of course, the times will be completely separate from playstation.

FMV Skip and short battle transition accepted, given that 4+ people have already completed boosterless runs and they all skipped FMVs. I think the only thing to discuss is autoclicking/keyboard turbo for dialogue. Splitting this up again causing 4 categories for PC already would be pretty silly and I'd personally prefer to side with no autoclicking/turbo.

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A good solution would be to do it the way that FF8 has done it, with PSX/PC being subcategories on Any%, and then you would have boosters as a separate category listed somewhere.

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Oh, I think you misunderstand. I'm not advocating for using boosters for a speedrun. Quite the opposite, really. I'm just bringing up the point that, with the PC port, there could be an influx of people wanting to speedrun FFIX, but the PC speedrun will inevitably faster due to the camera panning skipping from config menu and the ability to skip cutscenes.

Yes, I'm also thinking about things like Cereth noted. Some runners have talked about auto-clickers, which also seem rather silly.

I'm not trying to create a new category, I'm trying to discuss the rules for the new category that is an inevitability.

I'm with Cereth here in that I'd argue for just FMV skips and battle transitions only, really, because those are the two major time saves that are accessible from the game itself, without using boosters or outside programs.

Again, just trying to spark discussion and possibly lay the groundwork for PC%.

Lorraine, France

imo ff8 was braindead when creat categories. was would be the point of funrun% ? like booster% ? so create actionreplay% ?

I'm not doing a comparison between no major glitch% or glitchless or some different categorie we can found on some games. but we have to respect "speedrun" a little.

skip cutscene/rb ok. that doesn't affect the gameplay.

For example a categorie like No Randombattle%. then what ? you mash mash mash only and walk around screen... you lost the fun of FF9. and the joy of speedrunning rpg in general. it's not like we have a stepcounter or something technical to do.

If people really want have it then... ok.... but pc any% with no booster is of course ok.


I don't understand why people have a problem with the "meme%" categories such as F12345% For FF8 (I agree, the name could be different but that's not the issue I'm talking about here). If you don't want to run a category, don't. No one is forcing you to run something, there's always going to be a "normal" any% category for games. Let others run whatever they find entertaining or fun.

As for the PC Any%, I agree with Cereth, no autoclicker as IMO that is the exact same as turbo. FMV skip I consider to be part of the game as it is in FFX-2 for example and should be considered fair play, same goes for the camera movement as that is just an option like battle speed or anything else.

The PC version is interesting in that if you master the keyboard/mouse/controller combo you can actually menu quite a bit faster than using only the keyboard or only the controller.

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Agree with a PC Any% with FMV skip and options config allowed without cheats/boosts.

After, if people wanna have fun with an ultra short run with boosters, i don't have any objection because it's a feature of the PC version.

But, to me, "any% PC" should be just with fmv skip and options config.


So people have been discussing this in the Discord FFSpeedruns server (Which FYI if you aren't already in there you should be https://discord.gg/0tjIC3eQA7VFd6Qw ) and I believe we've came to a conclusion which will suit all parties wanting to speedrun FFIX PC.

PC Any% as follows:

-Permits the use of a turbo controller or some form of Auto-Clicker. -Timing starts at New Game. -Timing ends at final hit on Necron. -Boosters are not allowed. -FMV skips are allowed. -Auto-saves are allowed. -Skipping battle intro (in config menu) allowed.

PC Booster% as follows:

-Permits the use of a turbo controller or some form of Auto-Clicker. -Timing starts at New Game. -Timing ends at final hit on Necron. -Boosters Allowed.

If you think anything is wrong with these categories and/or rules, or if you think something should be added, poke any of us on Discord or reply here.

Thanks guys, good luck in your runs :D

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There wasn't all that much discussion on the usage of auto-clicker vs turbo (or any on the forum) I'll just quickly outline some of the reasons why turbo is considered allowed (but is still a variable on the leaderboard, so runs that did and did not use turbo will be identifiable).

I think it's possible to say the decision is 'temporary'. Due to the nature of FF9 PC having shit menus that are optimal with mouse and keyboard, there probably aren't going to be that many runners of a high skill level. It's likely to remain 'entry level' because of it's ease of access, people can enjoy the speedrun to an extent, but serious competition is likely to stay on console.

If there are a lot of runners that disagree with turbo that aren't running, they can hide the runs that use turbo on the leaderboard If there are a lot of runners that disagree with turbo and ARE running, they'll have to submit their times to the same leaderboard, but as of right now there are so few runs that creating separate leaderboards is nonsensical. If you disagree with turbo, stick to what you believe and continue to run without it, and if there is enough demand and enough runs in the future then an extra category can be made and the runs will move over as it's needed. Until then, you're likely to compare your own run with the turbo runs anyway, because there just aren't enough non-turbo runs. Useless to create such a similar category with little competition.

If you'd like, don't consider it as 'turbo is allowed' but consider it as 'we're merging 2 leaderboards because having 2 is stupid (for now at least)'

The ease of access is the main appeal for FF9 PC speedrunning, and an auto clicker doesn't change that (if anything it improves that as it means you can still take breaks)

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