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I'd be okay with opening a jp category as a misc category. My reason for not having it as a main category is only because we will lack confirmation for runs from jp runners, as they don't have easily available VODs most of the time. You would have to be willing to not have a VOD for western runners as well in that case, though I don't think it will be an issue as they are most likely going to stream on twitch/nico anyway.

As for the re-organization of misc categories, I don't see an issue how they are right now and I'm fine with that. If you (or people in general) have a better way of organizing it, I'm fine with that, too. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other.


I think the misc categories for PC are fine as it is. I'm not sure where else you could move them to that wouldn't make it confusing. The way it is now, they are all under the PC tab and so are easy to access, and you know that they are all PC runs. If you moved them, you would need a separate "misc" category or something, which you would then need to sub-categorise into PC and Console right?

As for JP runs, I think they should be misc for the reasons Windows said. Most JP runners don't use twitch or youtube, it would be weird to mix them with Western times. Plus, the timing methods are different aren't they?.

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Hello. I am one of FF8 JP runners and would like to assist opening JP category.
However, though the biggest Japanese FF8 speedrun community is nico (ニコ生), I am unattached it.
So I might be the odd one out in JP runners.

Japanese de-facto FF8 JP leaderboard is here:
(though it is limited to records that have been achieved on nico streaming)
As W1ndows91 says, we can't see movies of most of them now. So JP category probably should be as misc category.

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Adding JP times has been always a topic of discussion for this leaderboard, we always wanted to add a category for JP runs under JP timmings (from turning on console to The End), but since we couldn't navigate or understand how Nico leaderboards really work, we ended up scrapping the ideas.

I belive we should re-open this discussion on how to implement the category again, since Pingval is showing interest on it. It might be a great chance for both communities to work together if any more people decides to follow your steps too 🙂

The way this leaderboard works, the runners have to submit their run on a permament source of video (youtube, twich highlight... anything) So I understand that is a problem considering how Nico works. But if the JP runners manage to upload the video and attach it to the submissions, I don't see why we should not create a JP category under the misc tab.

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Actually now that I look at how the leaderboards are setup, the obvious way for me would be to add jp any% as a category next to PSX Disc any%. We don't really have the same "main vs misc category" setup anymore. If you check PC leaderboards, you will see all the categories right next to each other, any%, 100%, co-op etc.
I mean, even in PSX Disc we have any% and All Bosses% right next to each other,. All Bosses% only has 1 run from years ago and it's presented as an equal category to any%. JP Any% should imo be right next to any%, the only thing I think worth discussing is whether or not the times for that category will need video proof or not.

Advantages of requiring video proof: No easy way to cheat and get your time on the leaderboard. Strats are more readily spectated and shared across the community (some may view that as a negative, comments from this side are welcome).

Advantages of NOT requiring video proof: We get a pre-established leaderboard with some historic value from the Nico leaderboards. We get JP community more easily integrated into our leaderboard and thus will probably¤ have a more accurate representation of runs.

As I was writing this I thought there might be a 3rd option worth mentioning and discussing: Take the Nico leaderboard as-is, without videos attached to them, but require video proof of any future runs added to the leaderboard.

(¤) I used the word probably here because of the Nico leaderboards not having video proof tied to the runs, it is more suspect to cheating. Although I don't think it has happened and is not likely to happen, it is a possibility and as I listed it as an advantage to requiring video proof, I felt it was necessary to mention it.


Can't wait to see all dem juicy Japanese strats. But yea, bringing the two communities together would be a really cool thing, whichever what you guys decide to do it, it will at least be progress.


Will there be more category added to console Remaster version ?
Like the Coop category ?


I can quite confidently say co-op categories will not be added. Some other categories may be, like Booster% and Plat%.


Silly question from a non-runner

Has there ever been a Triple Triad 100% Category, where the goal is to get every card in Triple Triad?


Pingval did this run:
He ends the timer when he has gotten all cards. There has been no category for it, though.

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