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Hello, dear runners!
hope you don't get annoyed if I ask another question on PSX emulators.

to make it short: which one should I use?
I know that some versions of ePSXe for example might give me some better loading times than Mednafen. (obviously not better than PS2 FDS, though)
So would it be fine to run with that or do I need an emulator that emulates an exact PS1? (and it's terrible loading times)

hope someone can help me, since nobody even submit a run on emulator yet.

Before you guys ask, I don't really plan on playing the PC version. I want to start out on emulator and if I enjoy this run a lot and get better at it, then I would buy myself an NTSC copy of the game for ps2. It is just how I know the game, so I won't get myself the PC version probably.

Thanks for your help!


ePSXe and PSXFin 1.13 are probably the most used ones.


I personally use PSXFin 1.13. Works really great for PS1 FFs. There are no rules as to which emulator you can use, so it is entirely up to the runner. Just things like not using speedups.

You can play on keyboard, you can change the resolution. I don't think there is anything against using texture packs, but I wouldn't advise it.

The only time emulator versions really come into play is when loading times are comparable or faster than console. As emulator is definitely slower in this case, just do your thing.


I would stay away from "mods" even for the emulator version if you want to get your time up on the leaderboard. If you don't care about the leaderboard you can do whatever you want.


So PSXFin actually is a good option for running? For the PSX games I ran so far, PSXFin was awfully inaccurate in most cases.. But, well, if there are no rules basically I might just roll with that. Afterall I need to switch to console anyway at some point to get good times.

Not using speedups is common sense, yeah. Did not plan on modding anything, I also really like the game soundtrack, wouldn't mind to listen to that for a full run.

Anyway thank you two for the responses! Hope that I will have a free and quite day soon to try out running the game.