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So for those who know about the wall market skip I wanted to put this out into the universe. Theres another big skip (bigger than wall market skip) that may be possible. Ive only put an hour or so into testing with no results, but maybe someone with TAS skills or more time could make the breakthrough.

When you first enter junon during the march segment, in the screen between the two sides of junon where there is access to the underwater reactor there is a pesky guard in front of the elevator down to the reactor.

Now there arent as many rough edges on the movement field like there is in the sector 7 skip's screen so you can't mess with your subpixel position easily (which is what I'm assuming happens when you grind the corners in the tsunaskip) but if you can imagine, if this skip is found to be possible you'd be cutting out about HALF of the game.

Now I want to stress that this is just a theory. I dont even know if the game has the underwater reactor area loaded so early in the game. And you being in the shinra outfit might effect the game too. But just think, if this skip is a thing you can skip from junon to near the end of the huge materia quest...and you'd keep aeris alive.

Any TASers or people familliar with ff7 and with more time than me wanna give it a shot? I'm here to bounce ideas off of etc I just dont think I have the strats to figure it out myself.

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The enthusiasm is great, best way is to just keep going, maybe talk to people individually about the idea and stream your adventures to try to develop interest. I have spent a bit of time trying to find a way to clip thru the barrier at the bottom of midgar (south of the church and stuff, the screen where u end up when u leave midgar) but no success.

The fact that we are already aware of the poor collision I think shows the potential for other larger clips is there. I would be willing to mess around with the idea a little bit, but goodluck, and like I said maybe try streaming/documenting your inputs (if possible) or checking ram values and such.


A skip that big is honestly too big. You wouldn't have the levels to do anything and you'd skip out on the powersoul/cait sith making the run uncompletable. I like the enthusiasm as well, but gotta think a little smaller 😃.


How about skipping the guard at Gold Saucer (when the gondola is under repair)? You know, after picking up the Keystone?

I already have a name. I will call it the “Lazy Gondola” skip, after myself.


Following on from the above, I thought I would share some notes. Here are some oddities I’ve found on the gondola repair screen:

1) You can use the Save Point Glitch to save/use PHS anywhere on the field (not just while standing at the save point).

2) If you do the Save Point Glitch before reaching the Gold Saucer, then run to the gondola-screen save point, you don’t have to pay 5GP to use it.

3) If you use PHS before crossing the guard’s path, the game freezes after the first text box.

4) Only party members that were in your party when the screen loaded will pop out of Cloud, e.g. if you load a save file with Tifa, Cloud, Barrett and then swap out Barrett, only Tifa will pop out of Cloud when you cross the guard.

5) Tried this with every combination of party members - no luck.

6) I’ve tried to menu buffer past the guard - nothing.

7) I’ve tried to menu buffer at the entrance to the Gold Saucer on the same screen to try and get out of bounds - can’t get it to work.

😎 I’ve tried saving/PHSing on different parts of the screen - nothing.

9) I’ve tried talking to the Ticket Seller NPC in different ways to try and get something similar to photoskip to happen - nothing.

Maybe someone else can find something?