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I've only ever seen the guy that found it perform it. Has anybody else successfully done this yet and if so on what platform? Skip occurs around the 40min mark.

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I don't know, I've spent probably 6 hours on it today and it's starting to get easier. I'd be kind of shocked if it's not incorporated at some point. Took me about an hour to do it once, about 4 hours to do it a second time and now I've done it about 7 times in 2 hours. That's with no setups, just kind of a vague understanding of how it works... haven't tried it on PC but the way that other guy Clips through that guard like nothing makes me believe it's probably easier on PC.


I really don't want to download random files. If you actually did this, upload it to youtube and show inputs. Or better yet live stream it.

Also would like to know more details... Are you loading from a save state? Have you tried it in a full run RTA or are you just using a TAS?
From what I heard is brutalspeed looked into it for the disc version at least, and the collision is always there. Of course I guess anything could be possible and maybe even different under certain circumstances.


wow, this is going to be such a massive game changer lol very good stuff though guys. Not that I personally doubted it, but I will admit I wasn't entirely sure it would work on console, it is great to see how you guys don't just give up and assume its "fake" or something in this community though.


there is a slightly faster setup where you move up and down twice instead of 13 times but it takes me around 20 seconds to get it


New skip was just used in the new WR for ps4, he got it on the second try.


Now the question is whether this works on any other NPC blocks.

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Tutorial for the PS4 version of the skip.


Can this new skip be done on emulator?


That's called the GUARD SKIP. Today there are a few tutorial videos teaching on how to apply this properly. We speedrunners are using it all the time. It's a must these days for any%.