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Hi guys, planning to run the psx digital version, but need to clear my doubts

1. i realized the rules has changed, i rmb previously it was written emulator psxfin is recommended, but it has changed to retroarch 1.9+ now, is this mandatory?
2. tried out retroach 1.9.8, this version acceptable ?
3. under rules also, stated Load Settings: "CD-Rom Seek Speedup: Infinite/Instantaneous" and "CD-ROM Read Speedup: 2x (Quadspeed)" << any guide on how to configure this? i couldnt find this option
4. psxfin still allowed?

Thanks guys.


1. Yes, it's mandatory
2. 1.9.8 counts as 1.9+, so you should be good
3. When you load the game with the Duckstation core, press F1 to open the quick menu, there you'll find those config options.
4. Old runs that used psxfin will stay on the leaderboard but its no longer allowed. It is considerably slower and has more input delay, so this is not a bad change.

Good luck on your runs!

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Doumeis, thanks for the very quick reply! able to find those under console options