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I made a video comparing the time it takes to run up the stairs vs take the elevator in the Shinra Building. Note: I bump a couple of times on the stairs; the fast elevator could be even faster if you get two battle + manager RNG.

It seems the potential time save is well worth the gamble. Could get the ether in beginners hall to mitigate for the grenades/elixir in Mythril Cave.

Edit: Does anyone know how this affects step count? Maybe it’s only worth it for PC Any%?


It will affect step count to a degree yes. The old step route actually had both stairs and elevator routed in. Due to the lack of money it was removed though.


@ArithiumArithium what do you mean both stairs and elevator? Are you referring to the strat in this article (end of second paragraph about “changing your mind”): http:/​/​www.​ffwa.​eu/​ff7/​walkthrough/​d1-09.​php

I’m running PC Any% and it seems better to take the elevator. I do step count up until the Shinra HQ then just try to keep my movement good. I get two potions off the first guard at the beginning and get the ether in beginners hall. That gives me an extra 950gil to spend on 11 grenades. More than enough to account for the elevator grenade loss. I guess the password right on floor 62 second time to get an Elixir.

Edit: I enter the elevator on the 3rd floor of Shinra HQ. It seems like there is a better chance of skipping 1 or 2 stops. Can anyone verify?


For PC Any% you don't really "NEED" the grenades as they're just helpful on Palmer. For No Slots though you want to conserve as many grenades as you can since money is a bit more scarce in the beginning. The old step route let you choose to take the stairs or take the elevator is what I was referring to, but its not viable for no slots anymore.

You also have to account for the time to get those extra items if its worth it just to buy more grenades vs just walking up the stairs.

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Thanks for explaining. If you get good RNG in the elevator you save at least 1 minute 20 seconds over stairs (see above video). Getting the two extra potions (-2 seconds), the ether in beginners hall (-18 seconds), and one wrong answer to the mayor (-5 seconds). Then let’s say you have to fight two extra battles for lost step count (-25 seconds). That’s a net time save of 30 seconds with good RNG (three stops). Average RNG (four stops) = break even. Bad RNG (five stops/multiple enemies) and you’re losing 30 seconds. Does that sound about right?

Edit: can you link me a guide to the old step route?

Edit2: I’ve checked and you definitely don’t have two extra battles for lost step count. Maybe one extra.