PC - Any% (30 FPS) in 2h 52m 16s by OkamikazeOkamikaze (Obsolete)

Bad early game, Around 5th try mansion skip, Took a while to get the spencer and debug encounter. But overall these 2 new skips saved me about 25 minutes.

Field FPS: 30


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Submitted by OkamikazeOkamikaze on

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Name Duration Finished at
Guard Scorpion 10m 02s 000ms 10m 02s
-Reactor Done 2m 13s 000ms 12m 16s
-7th Heaven 11m 17s 000ms 23m 33s
-Enter Wall Market 2m 52s 000ms 26m 26s
-Aps 15m 35s 000ms 42m 01s
{Reno} Reno 6m 56s 000ms 48m 58s
-Entering Shinra HQ 20m 36s 000ms 1h 09m 34s
{Sample} H0512 13m 52s 000ms 1h 23m 27s
-Gunner Brothers 11m 42s 000ms 1h 35m 10s
{Rufus} Rufus 1m 12s 000ms 1h 36m 23s
{Motor Ball} Motor Ball 9m 14s 000ms 1h 45m 37s
-Exit Midgar 1m 22s 000ms 1h 46m 59s
-Kalm Flashback - -
-Zolom Skip - -
-Nibel Death 22m 33s 000ms 2h 09m 32s
-Materia Keeper 6m 32s 000ms 2h 16m 05s
{Palmer} Palmer 14m 19s 000ms 2h 30m 24s
-Zolom Skip v2.0 - -
-Spencer - -
-Entering 9m 40s 000ms 2h 40m 05s
{Debug} Leaving 5m 06s 000ms 2h 45m 11s
-Jenova Synthesis 0m 48s 000ms 2h 46m 00s
-Bizzaro Sephiroth 2m 40s 000ms 2h 48m 40s
-Safer Sephiroth 2m 05s 000ms 2h 50m 46s
{Sephiroth} GG 1m 29s 000ms 2h 52m 16s
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