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So I doubt I'll run the entire game, but is anyone interested in having a level leaderboard for the different hunts? Or focuses I guess? I know there's a lot of them but since it shows you the battle time at the end of every battle it would be pretty easy to verify. It's end game so anyone can submit times at anytime. I'd even be more than happy to set it the board up.

Could be fun, right?


I feel like it'd be too much for the leaderboards to have all of them, and unless more people want it, i don't see the point in adding it. I do appreciate the passion for 13 speedruns, but i personally don't think it'll be appreciated enough to be worth it. I'm not a mod tho


Individual fight runs aren't really something that people are doing at the moment. There was more of a push for them a long time ago (pre-RTA age), but it isn't really something that has stuck around, and generally if you end up doing them all at maxed post-game stat with the best setup you can, the vast majority of them become trivial and fairly uninteresting to grind out. If other people are interested we can consider it, but I don't think currently it's worth setting up.

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