Any% in 4h 36m 08s by

incredibly massive PB by a huge margin of 9 seconds

  • 2 Deceptisol route with successful YOLO shrouds

  • 1 bonus Fortisol (ch2 chest skip)

  • Deathless except for a basically instant retry on Bulwarker because I accidentally used Libra and didn't want to risk not having Renew for PC1

  • Terrible Garuda and Tiamat

  • Chapter 10 dodges are GARBAGE, chapter 11 dodges were also bad this run and I didn't reset a rather bad chapter 1

btw Lightchelid is a good strat I didn't die to it this time either

4h 36m 08s
3 months ago
3 months ago
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3 months ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-Manasvin Warmech1m 32s 100ms1m 32s 100ms
2-Pantheron2m 19s 691ms3m 51s 791ms
3-PSICOM Marauder1m 28s 256ms5m 20s 047ms
4-Beta Behemoth3m 04s 270ms8m 24s 317ms
5-Myrmidon1m 01s 471ms9m 25s 788ms
6-PSICOM Warden & Enforcer x21m 47s 211ms11m 12s 999ms
7Chapter 10m 30s 650ms11m 43s 649ms
8-Pantheron0m 18s 920ms12m 02s 569ms
9-Pantheron x21m 48s 837ms13m 51s 406ms
10-Pantheron & Zwerg Scandroid x22m 18s 849ms16m 10s 255ms
1m 05s 667ms17m 15s 922ms
12-Anima2m 58s 938ms20m 14s 860ms
13Chapter 20m 14s 531ms20m 29s 391ms
14-Ghast x30m 24s 432ms20m 53s 823ms
15-PSICOM Warden x71m 59s 472ms22m 53s 295ms
16-Manasvin Warmech3m 12s 504ms26m 05s 799ms
17-Alpha Behemoth2m 52s 936ms28m 58s 735ms
18-Garuda6m 32s 735ms35m 31s 470ms
19-Shiva1m 52s 576ms37m 24s 046ms
20Chapter 30m 15s 952ms37m 39s 998ms
21-Pantheron x40m 16s 128ms37m 56s 126ms
22-PW Soldier & Watchdrones
2m 47s 935ms40m 44s 061ms
23-RNGutter0m 40s 814ms41m 24s 875ms
24-Succubus & Incubus x24m 23s 267ms45m 48s 142ms
25-Dreadnought3m 31s 216ms49m 19s 358ms
26-PSICOM Tracker & Gunners1m 22s 896ms50m 42s 254ms
27-PSICOM Tracker x21m 30s 126ms52m 12s 380ms
28-Odin3m 52s 642ms56m 05s 022ms
29-Uhlan x21m 21s 823ms57m 26s 845ms
30Chapter 47m 44s 752ms1h 05m 11s 597ms
31-Silver Lobo x25m 02s 906ms1h 10m 14s 503ms
32-Crawler x40m 38s 742ms1h 10m 53s 245ms
33-Feral Behemoth 11m 00s 257ms1h 11m 53s 502ms
34-Crawler x100m 47s 899ms1h 12m 41s 401ms
35-Feral Behemoth 22m 19s 380ms1h 15m 00s 781ms
36-Milvus Velocycle2m 55s 808ms1h 17m 56s 589ms
37-Aster Protoflorian2m 38s 175ms1h 20m 34s 764ms
38Chapter 50m 49s 601ms1h 21m 24s 365ms
39-Enki & Enlil9m 22s 666ms1h 30m 47s 031ms
40Chapter 60m 50s 389ms1h 31m 37s 420ms
41-Stadium Orion5m 09s 068ms1h 36m 46s 488ms
42-Ushumgal Subjugator 19m 09s 027ms1h 45m 55s 515ms
43-Ushumgal Subjugator 26m 09s 496ms1h 52m 05s 011ms
44-Hope's House 11m 20s 472ms1h 53m 25s 483ms
45-Hope's House 20m 42s 800ms1h 54m 08s 283ms
46-Havoc Skytank2m 27s 824ms1h 56m 36s 107ms
47Chapter 70m 08s 766ms1h 56m 44s 873ms
48-Midlight Reaper6m 50s 658ms2h 03m 35s 531ms
49-Brynhildr1m 53s 728ms2h 05m 29s 259ms
50Chapter 80m 09s 838ms2h 05m 39s 097ms
51-Palamecia 11m 10s 126ms2h 06m 49s 223ms
52-Palamecia 20m 57s 028ms2h 07m 46s 251ms
53-Flanborg & Flanitor4m 51s 935ms2h 12m 38s 186ms
54-Thermadon & Vespid Soldier3m 17s 824ms2h 15m 56s 010ms
55-Kalavinka Striker5m 20s 330ms2h 21m 16s 340ms
56-Bridge 1
1m 51s 953ms2h 23m 08s 293ms
57-Bridge 21m 32s 719ms2h 24m 41s 012ms
58-Barthandelus 16m 16s 876ms2h 30m 57s 888ms
59Chapter 90m 13s 498ms2h 31m 11s 386ms
60-Pulsework Knight x21m 43s 456ms2h 32m 54s 842ms
61-Cid Raines7m 04s 343ms2h 39m 59s 185ms
62-Bahamut8m 47s 512ms2h 48m 46s 697ms
63Chapter 100m 38s 864ms2h 49m 25s 561ms
64-Alexander3m 34s 015ms2h 52m 59s 576ms
65-Rust Puddings10m 00s 108ms3h 02m 59s 684ms
66-Hecatoncheir3m 34s 436ms3h 06m 34s 120ms
67-Gelatitan10m 15s 920ms3h 16m 50s 040ms
68-Ambling Bellows2m 37s 424ms3h 19m 27s 464ms
69-Gurangatch1m 10s 840ms3h 20m 38s 304ms
70-Mushussu4m 02s 052ms3h 24m 40s 356ms
71-Penanggalan4m 51s 220ms3h 29m 31s 576ms
72-Vetala4m 54s 528ms3h 34m 26s 104ms
73-Dahaka5m 32s 623ms3h 39m 58s 727ms
74-Barthandelus 2
8m 24s 841ms3h 48m 23s 568ms
75Chapter 110m 36s 672ms3h 49m 00s 240ms
76-Anavatapta Warmech0m 42s 021ms3h 49m 42s 261ms
77-Behemoth King7m 12s 157ms3h 56m 54s 418ms
78-The Proudclad 14m 00s 029ms4h 00m 54s 447ms
79-Adamanchelid2m 12s 375ms4h 03m 06s 822ms
80-VH&T Dodge3m 44s 609ms4h 06m 51s 431ms
81-The Proudclad 28m 29s 023ms4h 15m 20s 454ms
82Chapter 120m 16s 384ms4h 15m 36s 838ms
83-Jabberwocky & Bandersnatch5m 49s 566ms4h 21m 26s 404ms
2m 18s 230ms4h 23m 44s 634ms
85-Tiamat Eliminator4m 47s 307ms4h 28m 31s 941ms
86-Barthandelus 32m 30s 320ms4h 31m 02s 261ms
87-Orphan 13m 34s 337ms4h 34m 36s 598ms
88{Chapter 13} Orphan 21m 31s 967ms4h 36m 08s 565ms
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