Due to issues discovered with the FPSFix mod speeding the game up for some users a decision has been made to continue to allow the mod to allow a higher population of people to run the game. But as a result by default all runs submitted using the FPSFix mod are hidden on the leaderboard and can be viewed by selecting it as a filter for the board.

Thus the times on the leaderboard shown as default will only be runs submitted without the FPSFix mod installed.

If you have runs on the leaderboard that haven't be modified accordingly yet could you please messsage and moderator or self modify your run to show accurately whether it was with or without FPSFix.

Any questions don't hestitate to ask.



Hey - don't want to step on any toes here, but just an idea. Would it be possible to split the Any % category into these 4 subcategories:
(PC, PC - FPSFix, PS3, Xbox 360)

With this format, you won't have to filter to see the different leaderboards and the proper comparisons will be active in profiles. I think a lot of other FF games do a similar type of formatting.

ex: FF7 Any % has Slots and No Slots, but you don't have to filter the leaderboard to see current positions


The reason we have not done this is because the fpsfix gives unfair advantage to some pc's more than others.

It makes AMD cpus run the game faster than it does on intel cpus, and I don't mean performance. It makes the games animations run faster ( faster running speed, faster battle animations etc...)

Splitting the leaderboards doesn't solve this issue and effectively creates a leaderboard that is inaccessible for people with intel cpu's. Thus the decision to just hide the times was made as this means the default visible times are times that are accessible for anyone on any system to get. But to save removing them completely the fpsfix times are now hidden by default but can still be submitted.


Yeah - it's definitely good to keep the categories separate for the reasons you stated, but I think the organization could be tweaked a little bit. As someone with an Intel CPU, I have no interest in comparing my no FPS fix runs with FPS fix runs. This is how it is currently structured when you go to view your profile, so its just a little confusing when your placement is different there from the filtered leaderboard.

I also feel like not having the AMD CPU is a similar inaccessibility as not having a PC or console. So we separate those categories because they have different run speeds.

Just a thought though! No worries if no changes since the correct information is still easily accessible 🙂 Thanks for the response!

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