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British Columbia, Canada

Are we going to add a new category for the new pixel remaster?

Me and a few friends are already planning a race for tonight.

British Columbia, Canada

Kind of a buggy mess. Wait for a patch or two on this one.

Hawaii, USA

Copied from the FF1 & FF2 Discord:

"Hey everyone long time no see it’s me, FF1/2 old boy and leaderboard mod RoryExtraLife!

As we’re all aware, the pixel remasters are out today! Wahoo! Yay! So just one or two announcements regarding them!

The main one of course is that there will be an embargo of about a week for leaderboard submissions for 1 and 2. This is for a few reasons, main ones being of course so we can all enjoy the rereleases but also because we will need a bit of time to play the games, figure out what is what as far as the releases and determine any rulings that need to be determined. The timescale for this isn’t exactly precise but we’ll obviously keep you guys posted as and when there’s any developments! Second, we’re going to be making sure that the rulings are consistent across both the FF1 and FF2 boards just to make life a little easier for us all as far as rulings. Not sure what’s going to happen with FF3 but there we go!"

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Aberdeen, Scotland

^Oh hey it's me