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Shouldn't a no turbo category be considered? Seeing as not breaking your thumb for 30 mins could be a challenge in itself. Also, completion time is not even comparable VS turbo


maybe a "how many times push B button" category will be great to discart "turbo" help...


Turbo in general is banned for almost any system that doesn't have turbo functionality in its base controller (so basically all of them). And other than the beginning of the game there really isn't much mashing (well and first boss in nkg). During a farming session turbo is a good way to screw up a key farm by killing a slime at the wrong time.


However as a kid, I def used turbo lol, in blaster master too. Of course in some rpgs, and other outlier games turbo is allowed. This one like most nes games is def not one of them.


Yeah sorry about that, I didn't realize none of the categories actually had "rules" in there lol.