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What do people think about running with these settings? I have been doing runs like this and are starting to question if it's fine or not. What do others think would be good to know.

Thanks all

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As in running a Pal game in NTSC settings? Sadly that kind of speeds up the gameplay more than intended in some cases and is also not really intended by the base NES nintendo. In this game Pal is different by enemies having less health. Bosses having less health. And your gun can shoot through walls.


Shoot thru walls....Hmmmm..... I'm having a feeling there something you can funny glitch thru faster that is similar to Blaster Master PAL.


As far as the people who could tell tested it. There wasn't anything else, but then again we probably haven't tested like every wall etc like we did in NA. (I actually killed myself to test noose glitch from beginning of game to see if anything useful). There technically was one thing that "would" save time but only if you started with whip at the beginning of the game lol.

But yeah basically you can shoot through walls and obstacles making the game much less of a headache.