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Hey, new here.

Just finished recording my Sacred Stones run and was saddened to see that apparently emulators are not allowed? Could anyone elaborate on this?



Wassup. I have banned emulators on the account of GBA emulators being very very inaccurate and have caused issues when it comes to leaderboards and times. If you have a time, I can create a misc. category for emulated runs if you'd still like to submit it.

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Sorry for the late reply. Yeah if you could make a RNg manipulation free misc. category for emulators, that would be very nice. That way I can practice up on an emulator and then do a gameboy run after that.


Hey! Just wanted to check-in about the emulator category. I just finished another run and I was wondering if there was a chance that you could make the category?


Sorry for the late response I've been gone for a bit. I have made an emulator category so feel free to submit now.


sorry for necroing a thread, but which emulators are allowed for gba for the emulator category?


I see that emulators are now allowed in the emulator category. Just to clarify: We are allowed to submit emulated runs on there now, yes?


Yes. You may submit emulated runs in the emulator categories.