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Forum: Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Thread: New platforms

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

Hi, can you add android and iOS as a platform?


Forum: Nameless Cat

Thread: Can I have my runs back?

Started by: SkittlesCat83SkittlesCat83

Ahsuahsuahsu, for me that's enough, dinner% was a good joke, only the true Skittlescat would remember

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Forum: Nameless Cat

Thread: Can I have my runs back?

Started by: SkittlesCat83SkittlesCat83

How can we know you are really the original Skittlescat? :sus:


Forum: Talk

Thread: 2021 Rewind Questions

Started by: TheChoosenzOneTheChoosenzOne

↞YOUR 2021↠
1.If you had to describe your 2021 in 3 words, what would they be?

R: Identity, Peace, Alive

2.What new things did you discover about yourself?

R: it's okay to say 'no'

3.What single achievement are you most proud of?

R: being more like myself and caring less about what the others expect from me.

4.What was the best news you received?

R: have survived a transit accident in April

5.What was your favourite place that you visited in 2021?

R: São Paulo, Mogi Guaçu during Christmas

6.Which of your personal qualities turned out to be the most helpful this year?

R: Patience

7.Who was your number one go-to person that you could always rely on?

R: My older sister

8.Which new skills did you learn?

R: how to talk and write better in english

9.What, or who, are you most thankful for?

R: MSD (Mobile Speedrunning Discord) community for bringing me joy in some dark hours

10.If someone wrote a book about your life in 2021, what kind of genre would it be? A comedy, love story, drama, film noir or something else?

R: a lame self-help auto-discovery book :v

11.What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2021?

R: the past is the past, you can only do actions in the present.

12.Which mental block(s) did you overcome?

R: I stopped hating a big part of me; I learnt to trust my family again; I learnt not everything is my problem.

13.What 5 people did you most enjoy spending time with?

R: My Brother @SnoromSnorom, my sister Brenda, my Cousin Ju, my Cousin Bryan and the nephew I was babysitting.

14.What was your biggest break-through moment career-wise?

R: Opening a github account

15.How did your relationship to your family evolve?

R: I am more connected with them and starting to opening about my life

16.What book or movie affected your life in a profound way?

R: the music's album "I'll try to living like this" made by "Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv", the first opening "Don't suffer in silence" helped me a lot to not just take all and do some actions in the beginning of the year.

17.What was your favourite compliment that you received this year?

R: A handwriting test .jpg made by @FlewbFlewb "Felipereis is one amazing person, promise! Sincerely yours, Flewb LOL" that I have saved in my phone. And My mom saying she likes my new hair, after telling me to cut it for so long.

18.What little things did you most enjoy during your day-to-day life?

R: being useful

19.What cool things did you create this year?

R: a leaderboard updating script for the farmington community.

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Forum: Cloudbuilt

Thread: wrong positions in a IL

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

I think this IL has the second and first place swapped, it happened because the second place filled the real-time instead of the IGT


Forum: Talk

Thread: New years resolutions

Started by: KkntucaraKkntucara

- Making a blindfolded platformer full game speedrun
- Do some exercises
- Finding a job
- Have a 100 games on my sr.c profile

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Forum: Dadish 2

Thread: discord server?

Started by: squirblesquirble

(edited: )
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Forum: Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

Thread: Web ver

Started by: killerkun...killerkun...

it should be this url, but it's redirecting to all games

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Forum: Epic Conquest

Thread: Full game runs

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

Do we need to reset the game to play a full game run, or we can use anything we have after completing the game?


Forum: Tap Tap Speedrun

Thread: CAN I be a mod?

Started by: StarSpeedStarSpeed

No, we have enough moderators


Forum: Bomber Friends

Thread: Questions

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

is it allowed to use the special bombs you get by playing online in the campaign levels? Because there are some really powerfull game breaking bombs, but they are hard to grind.
What about the revive item is it allowed?
And for world runs, do we need to play the bonus levels?


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Link your first ever run here!

Started by: WalgreyWalgrey

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I got inspired by JaydenAnimations to finally start speedrunning, so I choose my favorite game: Rust Bucket.
I verified the sr.c page, the game was pretty much empty with only 2 or 3 runs, I wanted to start easy so I choose the only category without runs chapter 4, my first run was a 15m 43s following a walkthrough route I found on youtube.
I found better routes on every level including some major skips on level 40, also while playing chapter 1 I found a way to do faster checkpoints, however it could only happens on checkpoinst where you maintain the direction.
A few days after this discovery I found a way to do it to other directions, but it was very precise and hard, it could save 0.5s if done right, but cost ~3s if done wrong, so I never implemented.
And at the end of the month I had a 12m 43s run of chapter 4 and had conquered every WR in the game.
Also a huge thanks to D.E.M.O., because seeing his runs I learned how to time, retime, split, moderate and found the MSD (Mobile Speedrunning Discord)

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Forum: Super Hamster Ball

Thread: all levels map

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

to facilitate route making, here's a imgur post with all levels maps


Forum: Super Hamster Ball

Thread: All known glitches

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

- Skip glitch : happens when you restart a level while the door opening animation happens. You will start in the second segment of the level with a IGT zero. This save time on IL, but none on Full Game.

- Button Glitch : sometimes when you pass next a button the button will press without you falling on it.

- Enemy Direction Glitch : sometimes when you restart a level the enemy will be facing the wrong direction and start walking to this new direction. There's a 50/50 chance of this happening in some levels when restarting.

- Wall clip : sometimes the hamster will get stuck in a wall while warping from on bottom side of the screen to the top side.

- Button Softlock : sometimes the button mechanism will not work even if all the buttons are pressed.

- Shop Item Glitch : There's a small chance of starting a level with a shop item, like a master key, but this glitch lacks info about it and happened only once.

- Falling Hamster Glitch : only happened on emulator, the hamster get in a position of falling while walking and you can always do the button glitch.

All of this glitches can be used on the any% category and can't on glitchless, if a run on glitchless uses one of this glitches, then the moderation team will move the run for the right category

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Forum: Super Hamster Ball

Thread: The end of 3 stars IL categories

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

Since there isn't enough differences between any% and 3 stars on Individual Levels, the moderation team decided to delete the category.
3 stars will continue to exist as a full game category, because getting 3 stars on every level right now is a challenge.


Forum: Honey Bear Fun

Thread: timing method

Started by: felipereis11011felipereis11011

this game has a lot of ties and speaking with AslanTZ, we decided we are going to start to use ms in the retiming.
for IL the first frame will be when the controls appear, or when the retry menu disappear and the last frame will be when the menu appear.
for Full game categories the first frame will be when the level appear and the last frame will be when the menu appear in the last level.

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