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Add new categories:
- 100%
new sub-categories:
- difficulty (easy/normal/hard)
- SS/segmented


To adding new categories:

There isn't a way to define 100% so unless you are able to define it and have a run recorded, I won't be making 100% category.

To new sub-categories

Difficulty - I have made it so that they will stay on all the same leaderboard due to how small this community is. New ruling is that you may run both current categories on any difficulty.

SS/Segmented - Since there is no way to 'save' progress with a load/save function (Example like in FEAR 1), I believe that segmented really doesn't have a spot here. As such, the run you did submit after initial review did not look like a segmented run due to Reborn only having technically one level. If you are able to provide proof of different segments, I will reconsider my stance on the situation.



1) 100% (all notes and injectors). The game is linear and has no additional missions. I hope the run will be available online on sunday
2) Are you scared of few (empty) tabs/too lazy/restricted capacity of the site - what do you mean "small community"? The 1st place holder got almost perfect run and the dlc has only one category. Like what do you expect? Nobody gonna run it but those who gonna try quickly realise that there's nothing to catch and abandon the game. As a result the leaderboard will stay the same and community will look dead
About the new rule. Do you realise that in SPEEDrunning the main value is not SPEED but TIME, and the time is ALWAYS gonna be better at easiest difficulty. But somehow here's lots of games with "hard" category. And you just cut it. Just think about it
When you open the leaderboard you expect the best time to be the most impressive run but the rule wont work if there's harder difficulty on second spot. Think again
Re5 as example
3) Segmented per level. Watch untill automatically deleted


I just want to say "Do you realise that in SPEEDrunning the main value is not SPEED but TIME" doesn't make any sense lol, they're correlated, and the way you're capitalizing them both makes it look like you're trying to imply the name speedrunning should be timerunning? You don't need all these categories for one sole person to have a spot on the leaderboard because they can't compete against the world record in the current categories. Splitting up any% by difficulty for this game doesn't sound very great, especially for trying to wrangle people in. It doesn't change very much per difficulty, and you actually chose a very good example with Resident Evil 5 not changing much per difficulty as well, but that must've been unintentional. People don't shy away from this game because they see a good world record time, it's because this game's mechanics are poo poo (among other things), especially compared to FEAR 1.


1) For 100% yes that is fine, but I think if the run is legit, I would be more comfortable calling it All Collectibles as there isn't a percentage counter in the game.

2) Am I not allowed to have a clean leaderboard? When I was given moderation of this board, I did not create this board, I came in to clean up the board and make it presentable. And that was to have no extra leaderboards that had no runs in it and the common sense for this game when people were running the normal campaign was that it was best to do it on the easiest difficulty. Also, people are allowed to run whatever category they want, doesn't mean I'm going to make a new leaderboard for every new category.

When I say small community, I am also referring to the number of people that run this game. People don't care about this game where as they care as much for FEAR 1 and it's expansion packs.

3) What you are doing is not segmented, what you are doing would be closer to IL's and even then, if you cut out all of your failed attempts in the middle, you would be splicing your run together. So with that, segmented has no reason to be part of this leaderboard as you are unable to 'segment' the run in the first place.


1) I said TIME because runs placed on leaderboards ordered by TIME and nothing means here else.
2) I see you hold your time at the board. So prove me wrong that difficulty means nothing in this game. Run the game with the same strat like on easy difficulty (aka run the shortest way). Since i've done it i can say that it's gonna affect your strat to "run from cover to cover" or "kill them all asap and keep running". Im ok with 1 min delay to your pb. Btw re5 isnt good example since the majority of enemies have melee weapons while in fear 2 >90% long-range guns
3) I walkthrough everything from the series. i liked fear 1 and these dlc's, liked fear 2 and not much fear 3. And somehow i decide to speedrun exactly fear 2. Why? I liked the game and played it alot. I see you have a lot of runs so let me tell you that compare to other games to run the game's mechanics fear 2 can be poopoo to you but to me it's 100% ok (and yup, i walkthrough fear 1 and not looking to run it)


1) It's up to you. 100% call cuz theres literally nothing else to do in the game and it stands well against any%. Its just for those who gonna see any% and ask "if here's any% run where's full% (aka 100%)" - and here you will need to answer that it's all collectibles category
2) Re revelations has knife only category, re4 has no merchant category - not the categories that you would often able to see. Where did they come from? Magic?
Should i secretly create 5 new accounts, make the runs slightly different and submit them all just to you make the category or what?
3) "Rejected: Ended the level with one gun, started with a new gun. Run is rejected for being spliced". First of all i told you that the run is segmented, second, if the run looks spliced it's cuz the devs made the game work this way.
Expanation of the video: clear game, at the end of first lvl you can see no scoped rifle, at the start of second still no scoped rifle, but when i go back to the menu and load the last lvl i have scoped rifle - it's all on devs that decides to give you whatever they want by default.
If you want me to keep the weapons that i had before there's only one way to do it - in one sitting aka SS. There's only two options: either SS or segmented - about the SS read the explanation ^, about the segmentation - i've already told you that it is segmented


Submit a run to the already existing categories.


So, I'm going to put this as nicely as I can...

1) Fair points. I just have the 'Any%' and 'Reborn%' there as more of a joke for the % sign.

2) They came from people deciding to run it first and enjoy it enough to have a discussion with the community about it. And again, you point at games that have a bigger community of people compared to this.I have retroactively removed the rule I put in recently about difficulty and won't be making separate leaderboards for difficulty.

3) That is not a 'segmented' run. Segmented means, whatever you end with at the end of the first segmented, you have to start with that at the beginning of the second segment. Again you are closer to IL's which there is no leaderboards for.