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I’ve been speed running for a while now and I’ve been trying to optimize my run but I can’t seem to get under 22, any tips?


the main thing is consistency. the biggest time loss is dying and having to restart the level. however, getting a deathless run takes a lot of attempts and grinding to build said consistency.


Hi Calvin, I'm sorry I'm reaching you in this weird way, but I couldn't find another way to do it. Me and my friend are practicing for a 2 person run for fireboy and watergirl 4, but we don't know what the rules are for these kind of speedruns. We think that the category that we are running is 100% 2player HTML5 run, but we aren't sure. We are using the coolmathgames site to do our run, but don't even know if that is allowed. We also don't know how to record our run (if we even have to).
Any help would be appreciated. I also sent you a discord friend request.


the leaderboard (and rules) are located at https://www.speedrun.com/faw4tct#100_2P but you should also join the speedrunning discord server https://discord.gg/aDAAYQk