Proposal concerning timing rule changes and category organization.
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Proposal concerning timing rule changes and category organization.
Indiana, USA

Firstly, I think the timing method for this game, rather than RTA, should be Sum of IGT. The reasons for this proposed change are as follows:

  1. Load time differences between platforms become irrelevant, and platforms can be grouped together. This removes the need for a platform subcategory and declutters the board.
  2. Load time differences on the same console due to hard drive swaps (for example replacing your PS4's hard drive with an SSD) or load time differences due to different PC specs also become irrelevant, leveling the playing field for players who cannot afford such things.
  3. Install skill drops do not cause random timeloss.
  4. Runners on PS4 or PS5 can capture directly from their console, removing the need for a capture card.
  5. IGT continues counting through cutscene attacks and Extella Maneuver and is impossible to abuse.

I say all this as someone who has the game installed on an NVMe SSD (2TB Firecuda 530), meaning I have a significant advantage over PC players who are using an HDD and don't have $200+ to drop on that kind of SSD with the current timing method.

Basically, Sum of IGT encourages fair competition more than the current rule set in this game. I am happy to retime every run on the board with the new timing method if it is implemented and I am made a moderator.

Note that, in the event this new timing method were implemented, RTA would still be preserved and displayed alongside the IGT.

Secondly, I think Side Stories should be organized differently for clarity and neatness. Rather than being miscellaneous categories, "Side Story" should be a single category with subcategories for all the stories in a drop-down. This would make the board look neater and make it easier to find the desired subcategory. Main story should be organized the same way. Difficulties should be upgraded to subcategories, because at the moment there is no reason to ever play on anything other than easy mode.

Thirdly, I would like individual levels added to the boards. Specifically, the individual chapters of the main and side stories. Free Battle is pretty much impossible to add because of the layout so I can live without that.

Fourth, the rules should be more specific. There should be an audio requirement in order to prevent splicing in run submissions, and it should be encouraged but not necessarily enforced to display an FPS counter for PC runs

Fifthly, I would like to moderate for this game:

  1. I am on SRC daily and I verify runs within 48 hours as a rule.
  2. I moderate for several other Musou games (including this game’s sequel) and am knowledgeable on this one.
  3. I will handle my proposed leaderboard changes (altering categorization, adding ILs). As previously stated, if sum of IGT is implemented, I will manually retime all runs in a publicly visible spreadsheet (for transparency). I have already retimed all the side story runs.
  4. Having two moderators is almost always better than having one.
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Wouldn’t switching to igt pretty much mean that you can simply go for a walk while in a menu though?

Indiana, USA

No. This scenario is covered by SRC Moderation rules. > Run Requirements, second bullet point.

Indiana, USA

Currently working on these changes, hoping to be done by this time next week.

Sum of IGT retiming: In progress (6 runs left). IGT has been added to all other runs on the board. Sum of IGT run sorting & removal of platform subcategory: Not started. Audio/FPS counter rule updates: Done. Side Story organization: Done. IL Additions: Not started, needs discussion with SubParGamer on name format.

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Well that’s the thing with switching to IGT timing. The runner would in fact still put in effort to speedrun while using the timing method of said category. Maybe you could add a rule that says that taking breaks isn’t allowed? Just to eliminate potential complains in the future.

Indiana, USA

Generally speaking breaks are not expected to be part of runs, especially ones as short as they tend to be for this game. That said, I can add a line to the rules referencing the SRC general rules if you feel it would help with clarification once the re-timing is done and runs have been appropriately re-sorted. I have used this timing method for several other Musou games and never had someone try and abuse the rule in this way, nor have I had to reject a run due to what appears to be a break taken in the middle.

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Up to you if you do so. Btw the video is missing from your Gawain run.

Indiana, USA

Oh, thanks for pointing that out, I had accidentally copied the video title rather than the link.


Yeah can happen. I have it sometimes when I copy the link from YouTube studio. It gives the name and the link then lol.

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