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  Super ModPurpleSun

Nice find. But it's difficult, even more so because it can hit the finish line boundary so the game believes you've gone backwards over the line.
It also has problems for orbs. If you do it for all 3 laps, you'll need to stop at the group of 5 at least once to get an extra orb. 😕

  Super ModPurpleSun

Here's my best attempt at it

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Here's a way to do it without boost or setup.

Makes 3lap much faster since you don't have to go back for boost orbs.

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the absolute madman

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  Super ModPurpleSun

even more necroposting.
If you land awkwardly on a slope bit, you can get some weird collision. Can't see it being useful anywhere but it's funny.
Also a few examples of how, if you don't go the wrong way for a long enough time, the game won't count a lap because of things probably explained better in the Preventing Forward Momentum thread.

  Super ModPurpleSun

Bumping this one again to show a new strat

Just turn around, get onto the jumppad, and go past the line for a bit, then turn back around.

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