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This may already be well known, but I hadn't seen it before.. Seems like if you hit an enemy on the same frame as you enter the store, it triggers some kind of peculiar behavior.

Not useful for speedruns, but, interesting.


woah. have you tried on other levels?


Nope, only tried that spot. Done it several times.. and the particular outcome from that video is not what normally happens, most of the time it garbles the 'base' enemies and sends you straight to the boss for the level. So that was unexpected.

Unfortunately it also stops all shops from spawning in the game after that point, so it's hard to think of any situation where it would be useable. Other than that, the game seems to carry on like normal.. Did a few levels and the only difference was that there were no shops. I wonder what would happen if you get to the shop in the boss rush.

A little tricky to get a good setup for testing in other levels.. especially since i don't have save states for master system. 🙂


This time the store worked, but all the prices were maxed out.


Tested in 3 other levels, works anywhere and with any enemies.