Leaderboard Reorganization
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Leaderboard Reorganization
California, USA

Hello current and future Feuders!

We've made some changes to the leaderboard and wanted to explain them so people understood the reasoning.

WR strategies in Family Feud involve a strategy called "seed targeting" which we use to ensure we get desired questions. Unfortunately, Emulators and Flashcarts provide a level of consistency when starting up that makes it easier to do this, especially when a TAS can be used to hunt down the right frame to start a game. (FCEUX in particular can target the BEST seed early after a reset with aid of an audio cue).

So in the interest of fairness it has been decided that Emulators and Flashcarts should not share the same leaderboards as Original Cartridge. Under the two categories ('Fast Money Win' and '$20,000') you can filter the board by selecting the appropriate variables. 1p1c and 1p2c can also be selected as an additional filter.

Even though the Emulator/Flashcart categories have more runs posted to them, we are keeping 'Original Cartridge' as the default variable since the accessibility offered by those options is not the same as popularity.