I've extracted all questions and answers from the rom and made a spreadsheet of it:

Hope it helps someone!

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It's allowed right? Just curious.

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The spreadsheet for speedrunning.


I'm not aware of any game that would disallow you from using notes, notepads, spreadsheets and such at your disposal for use in runs in real time.

What would be disallowed is using an emulator or any sort of tool to pull info from RAM in real-time while performing a run.

But as far as having a complete list of questions and answers in your game available to your while you are running? That's no problem.

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Thanks I am using an nes to play, and just wanted to make sure that using the list was okay

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can confirm that both threecreepio and I have used the spreadsheet during runs.

he even made this nifty web app, but i never used it.