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I'm gonna make a thread about the "All DLC" category to mainly write down the route I have, so anyone interested can look it over and improve or mimic it.

Due to speedcripple easily being lost I want to hoard as many Stimpaks (And Doctor's Bags) as possible to preserve my legs throughout the run.

Start of the run is like any old Any% used to do it (4 Str, 1 Per, 10 End, 10 Char) and picking up the 3 stimpaks on the shelf. Replace melee weapons tag with medicine (Again, for extra stimpaks).

The only skills that matter in the run is 50 Survival (Not really needed but skips having to dump some inventory before HH), 60 Repair (To fix a panel, skipping a quest in DM) and 100 Speech (Finish game, getting Ulysses on your side). Dump the rest in Energy Weapons or something i guess.

Perks that are useful is Black Widow, Travel Light, Toughness (probably more?).

Get out and get your speedcripple (maybe hotkey stimpaks and doctor's bag if you feel like it).
Folllow regular Any% route up until leaving Freeside after killing Mr. House. You then want to head northwest to the HH entrance.

Once in Zion you want to skip dialogue by QSQL-ing like 5-6 times, then jump off the cliff and QSQL just before landing in the shallow pool. Follow the river all the way north and enter White Bird's Cave. Kill White Bird (Importnant to not 1-hit sneak kill him) to trigger the "Chaos in Zion!" quest. Exit cave and steal the map in the pot nearby. Fast travel back to the entrance and exit.

After HH is done FT back to Freeside North Entrance and continue the Any% route up until the quest where you go to El Dorado Substation, and from there walk east/south east towards DM entrance (Abandoned BoS Bunker).

Dead Money is full of clips and you'd probably be better off watching one of my runs for seeing where I do them all.
Get through Elijah's dialogue and head west to the police station (Pick up spear and stimpak on the way) Turn off radios in Dog's vicinity and go into the basement to pick up God's command tape. Clip out behind the boxes to get back to the basement entrance.
Play the tape from the pipboy and exhaust God's lines up to the point that he will go with you (talk about Elijah, Dog, Where the key is) [Could probably be improved].

Head out back towards the fountain, enter the medical district. Clip out through a corner (NE corner works best for me) and walk around to the backdoor of the clinic. Run to the office with the key (Free Doctors bag) and bolt to the basement. Disengage main power in the terminal and head back up, and into the surgery rooms to get Christine. Take the fast be-a-dick options and run back out through the door you came in (But go through the lobby to grab the Dean case + stimpaks). Clip out through the corner just to the left of the clinic back door and head towards Dean.

Currently I just run around the area to get to Dean, but if someone finds a good clip through the shortcut that would be faster. Go sit in the chair next to him and tell him to meet you at the fountain. Run back to the fountain and talk to Elijah for next quest.

Take Christine to the Puesta Del Sol North and clip through the corner to the left after you enter. Run along the northern OoB area and enter the switching station. Use your 60+ repair skill to fix the fuse box and run along the path, kill the turret and unlock the door to let christine through. Tell her to go down and lie to her that you'll go after her. Send her down and clip through the elevator to get ported back to entrance. Run along the rooftops back towards the fountain to pick up Dean [Could be improved with a clip near the switching station].

Take Dean to the rooftop in Puesta Del Sol South, by going through the same entrance as you took Christine, same clip to the left, but now go along the southern edge to get into the South part. Here's a lot of ghost people that Dean will enter combat with, so kill them off and get him to the roof. Once there tell him to stay (by threatening to break his legs), and take the shortcut out back to the fountain.

Take God to his spot to the southeast. You can clip out and in here to get through but God will run around, and probably get stuck along the way. I haven't got a consistent strat to get him over to his spot fast. When he's over by his spot tell him to stay and lie about bringing food, lock him up and head to the clocktower.

Run along the tight corridors (and don't get lost), avoid the bear traps and get to the tower, activate the event and clip out, run along the OoB area back towards the entrance door. Clip again after this and go towards the fountain. Enter the Sierra Madre.

Once inside Sierra Madre you need to first activate the electrical closet, by getting the key and unlocking the door [Couldn't find a clip into closet], then go to towards the Cantina Madrid. Instead of running around to get into the kitchen, go into the bathroom and clip through (Though it can be tricky to get and barely saves time if you fuck up a lot). Deactivate the gas valves and go to the "proper" entrance to spawn Dog. Bring out your Knife Spear and start swinging it to keep him from talking with you, and kill him with the same spear. Loot him and run out towards the Tampico.

In the Tampico, loot the key from the note stand and run through the backstage area (get key in first room, disable speakers for safety, get key in veras room), run to the projector and enable the singer program, go backstage after he's finished and finish off Dean.

Head to executive suites and clip through the wall straight ahead (if you only get halfway through, try to sit in the chair through 3rd person camera), disable radio, grab key and disengage lock on the terminal. Run through to the back and kill Christine, then back to the lobby and the receptionist terminal to stitch the segments together. Go back to where Christine was but go right and go down to the vault.

In the vault you want to clip through the first energy barrier, and clip into the path where you're supposed to come out if you went the normal way. Read up on the terminal and disengage the power (This is to activate the elevator back up, not possible otherwise) Go into the vault and taunt Elijah to come down to the vault. Destroy the generator and kill Elijah once he's done rambling. Once dead, go back into the vault and clip OoB behind the boxes (Don't forget to loot the First Aid Kit, loads of good stuff in there). Enter the elevator and exit Sierra Madre.

Pick up your stuff and Fast Travel to Goodsprings. Walk along the cliffs south and enter Lonesome Road.

Go to ED-E and activate him (during his scripted sequence you can pick up a stimpak lying around), chose the fast "be-a-dick" options and get him through the consoles. Once he's opened up the silo, run through up past the first robot, and clip OoB on the ceiling above him (Watch your leg health). Navigate through the invisible ceiling towards the exit.

Once out, walk north towards the big factory building and clip through it, (Apparantly you don't need to clip out again, just find the map marker and FT to it once you're inside the factory OoB). Walk through the tunnel and through the overpass gauntlet. Watch out for the minefield and walk along the cliff. Go to the console and wait for ED-E to get there. Enter the funicular and either kite the little fuckers around or kill them (watch your leg health). Go down the stairs and jump down (qsql to not take dmg), walk through the crooked building.

Once outside, clip through the corner to your left and fall down to the bottom (qsql to not take dmg again). Clip again through the cliff (watch video from where, it's a finicky clip) and again through the invisible wall. Walk west through the OoB area and enter the door, then when you're out jump onto the cliff and over to the small building ledges, on the second one you can jump up and qsql through a gap in the invisible walls. There's 2 mines up ahead that will fuck you up if you don't shoot at them, so take them out. Run into the final area (unlock through the terminal in the room with the robot) and talk Ulysses into fighting with you. Kill and dodge the marked men until they're all dead and shoot a rocket somewhere [I did Legion for the NCR Rep, but haven't actually tested which is fastest due to different ending slides].

After LR walk southeast towards the Mojave Drive-In and wait until night. Enter OWB.

Go to the scientist and get through Dr. Kleins dialogue, then run out west to the stealth facility. Do the basic quest in there (There's a clip to get around the stealth section but it's pretty hard), and get out.
Run southwest towards the Antenna array. You should be coming from an angle that takes you to the upper part. Take the Antenna and jump off the dish, qsql near bottom to not take dmg and head northeast towards the dog facility. Enter and get through the school test, run around and go to Gabe's lair, find the voice tape and head back towards the think tank (you can FT when you're halfway there).

Get through Kleins dialogue and go towards the forbidden zone. Take care of the giant robo scorpion (I used the Sonic Emitter and just kited him in circles), and go to Mobius. Don't fight Mobius and convince your brain to come with you.

FT back to the think tank and go kill the doctors. Exit think tank and after sliders, use the teleport gun in your hands. Once back in the Mojave, FT to El Dorado Substation and continue Any% route until the end.

This route is kinda shit and can have a lot of improvements made to it. Plenty of stuff isn't explainable in text and you should probably watch my runs of it to get a better pitcture (Individual DLC's and the All DLC one).

Did some timing on the slider cutscenes during the run:

15:57 - 18:23 - HH Intro - 2:26
22:23 - 23:11 - HH Outro - 0:48
35:24 - 36:57 - DM Intro - 1:33
1:14:01 - 1:17:14 - DM Outro (Kill everyone) - 3:13
1:39:18 - 1:42:35 - LR Outro (Fight alongside, Rockets on Legion) - 3:17
1:47:27 - 1:50:32 - OWB Intro - 3:05
2:13:29 - 2:19:00 - OWB Outro (Spare Mobius, Kill Think Tank) - 5:31

Total Slider Cutscene Time: 19:53 - lol

Load Times from my first run = 8:06

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