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I’ve gotten a question if it’s ok; I have been wondering if there is a possibility that each mission of the game could be implemented as a IL level. I know that would be HELL of a task to put on the leaderboard but would be interesting to have.

And also, could it be possible that there is a new variable for the “All companions” category? That would be
to get the full affinity with each companion or with an specific companion.

And another question separate form the other. If I have a load-remover (Timer on PS4 will it be of use or it will be useless for the timing of the “Without loads time”? Thanks for reading and I’d love to have some feedback.


We usually add new categories or variables to the leaderboard once three different runners have uploaded runs. Nothing is stopping you from routing and running it though! It's all about having your own fun.

Console runs cannot benefit from a load remover and are submitted with load times.


In that case (About the load remover) shouldn't there be a PS4/XboxOne variable and a PC one? Because in that position that us Console players could never or would be VERY DIFFICULT to beat a PC player because of the load remover that doesn't apply to Console speedrunners.


There is a variable for platform you play on, it's all just on one leaderboard. The Fallout 4 community decided to merge console and PC times a handful of years back, it used to be separate but we decided to keep it all under one roof. You can filter/sort to view just console times if you'd like to view the leaderboard that way.


I know this is kinda old but wanted to ask again about a new category. I wanted to consult how long would an all magazines run would take? I wanted to do it but I am not very sure if it would be or 5h or 11 or so. So just that.

xx wenduitz

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