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Are there any tips for the timing to get SC. I was able to get it pretty consistently a couple days ago but now I can't seem to get the timing right again. I can post a video of some attempts or you can check out my recent PB. Any help regarding the game will be much appreciated. Id love to be able to learn some of the other categories. Also what settings are you guys running on? Could certain settings make SC harder/easier to get? thanks 🙂


Well basically you can check your own PB. The time you it in your pb, you hit the exact frame you need to hit. There are also some area where you simply cannot get SC. I would just recommend doing it always at the same place, and not move while shooting/quickloading. Settings wise, I dont think it changes much for Missile cripple. and Since I am super inconsistent in getting Cliff cripple, you shouldnt take exemple on me for the settings. Also in the launcher, go to settings and use HDR or HBR or whatever it its, that will prevent you from having the white screen at the exit of 101 stay forever.