Setting up Autosplitter for runs
Setting up Autosplitter for runs
Updated 5 months ago by Vynnada

This will be a guide to set up two timers - one for LTR and one for RTA that will run simultaneously beside one another.

Step 1: Download the .asl file and remember its location. (EDIT: Splitter has been integrated into Livesplit. Simply tick the checkbox to turn on the autosplitter. Functions with patch v1.2.2). Step 2: Boot up Livesplit. Step 3: Right click > Edit Layout. Step 4: In the new Layout Editor pop up, click the plus sign icon (+) > Control > Scriptable Auto Splitter. Step 5: In your newly added Scriptable Auto Splitter, select the location of your downloaded FAITH .asl file. Step 6: Hit the '+' symbol again and add 2 Timers from the menu. Step 7: Set one Timer to Real Time and the other to Game Time. Optional: Set Timer Format to 0:00:01 etc. in case you might tie with another runner. Step 8: Make your splits for FAITH III under any names you like.

  • Ending I needs 13 splits.
  • Ending II needs 18 splits.
  • Ending III needs 13 splits.

Step 9: Right click your Livesplit splits for the main menu, and hover your mouse over Compare Against > click Game Time. Step 10: Finished! Save your layout and splits and play away.

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