Possible small timesave?
2 years ago

Hi there! I'm a big fan of the FAITH series and yesterday (or today I guess?) I saw the Chapter II speedrun for the first time at AGDQ.

I got into the FAITH games after watching Vinny from vinesauce play the game, and during the run I noticed that runners don't take what looks like a faster path at one point (maybe about 5 seconds faster).

You can see the faster path here on Vinny's video:

Now, I'm not familiar at all with the tech of the run, so maybe that collision got patched or there's a reason runners take the longer path. In any case I wanted to share this in case is useful.

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United Kingdom

YEP. Neither me nor Vynn knew about this, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Actually lol'ing so hard at how we missed this! BIG thank you!

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Glad it was useful ;D

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