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I really want to join this.... ähm beautiful game, but i was not able to get me a cdi. So i use the MESS emulator to play the game, ist this allowed? or can you guys make an emulator tab, that would be awesome.


Due to the rollback my last post was removed and I was logged out, so didn't see the pending run.

First of all, congrats with the run, that's a solid time 😃

We've noticed that the loading of the emulator was quite a bit faster than a regular CDi and the regular gameplay also seems faster (though possibly not as fast as the rare CDi 370 that PDT has). Because of this, we did decide to create an emulator tab for the 3 categories (Any%, 100%, All Cutscenes).

I'm glad to see that an emulator is now a proper option to play the game though! This will open things up quite a bit for people who've been wanting to play the game, but didn't want to shell out a lot of money (especially in the US) to get started on it.

Just out of curiosity, which (exact) emulator are you using? And the BGM only coming from my left speaker is a quirk of it?


I am using the MESS Emulator to emulate this game, I think this is the best way to play this game on a PC, didn't find a better emulator. Yea the music is comming from the left side and all the other sounds from the right. That is the only issue.
I can upload my config + emulator in the resources Tab if you want. Maybee other people want to try this game out for speedrunning 😃


Excellent, I'd love that 😃

I'm not sure if putting the emulator in the resources tab will lead to legal issues though, haven't checked how other leaderboards deal with that (if at all).

I do know that there's a sizeable amount of people wanting to do a blind race of this sometime, so I'd love to fiddle a bit with it and set up a package to get that race going in some time 😃


For what it’s worth, the site doesn’t allow the sharing of ROMs. I don’t think I’ve seen anything explicitly said about an emulator itself, so that’s probably up to your discretion.


Yeah, roms are understandable that it's not allowed. And well, MESS I guess is easy to find anyway, so I don't think putting that in the resources would be bad then.

I'm pretty sure I dabbled with MESS before, but possibly an old version of it that didn't run CDi too well. Wand of Gamelon was incredibly choppy for instance, Faces of Evil also acted up. Anyway, I'd love to see it at least 😃


Ok i make a .zip file for the Emulator and Settings, for everyone who is interested in this.

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I would like to have the emu, sinc eI've tried to emulate CD-i games before with no luck

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