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This thread is going to list the thing I have found in regards to possible Teleport / Item manipulation. Noteworthy finds will also be mentioned.

No Hud Glitch
Guildseal + Punch into a cullis gate, escape out of the teleport menu and walk out of the circle. The goal is to time the Guild Seal (Which after canceling the teleport screen will autofill by itself without holding down G) with you walking into the cullis gate trigger, your game should look like it freezes if this happens. Press ESC and your HUD will no longer be visible. Pressing escape again will return your hud to normal. Spells cannot be cast in this mode and you cannot do many things, you can however transition areas without losing the effect.

Assdig Softlock
Hitting ESC, Shovel and Assassins rush at the same time causes a soft lock.

Dig then punch right away and you can move through triggers and even in some cases dig on non-diggable ground. This may work with fishing?

Shovel/Rod in Hand Glitch
Use trophy then dig during the minigame, this will cancel and leave the shovel in your hand. This shovel is a STORED digging animation that will release when you interact (TAB) with anything in the game. To get the rod in hand simply fish with the Shovel in Hand glitch active and your Shovel storage will switch to a Fishing storage state.

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Just gonna put this clip here, because it's sort of related to this.