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Best tip I can give is to never fight if you can run. Most encounters with enemies in Fable III can be ignored, saving a ton of time over the course of a run.

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this seems like it would be fun to run, i might have to give it a try at some point

More people running this game would make me very happy.

Indiana, USA

would it be faster to run with a digital or physical copy and on xbox one or xbox 360 because i can do any of those

All I've timed is a physical copy installed to an Xbox 360. I don't know how load times would be impacted. I'll go ahead and add the Xbox One to the console options for this though.

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I'm considering doing my first run on this game, since I've loved this series since I was little. One question though, is there any glitches or anything? Because I'm terrible at glitches D:

I have yet to find any glitches that result in time savings, so as far as I'm aware it's a glitchless run. Best of luck running this! I'm excited to have more people run it. :D

I'm planning to do at least a few runs of this game whether I'll stick with it I don't know. I'm generally not a fan of glitchless runs, especially ones that don't even really have tricks to do in them.

But some things I noticed from eSeamus' and Lecter_Red's runs is that you get dye packs to color the pyjama's for the demon door in Millfields. This isn't necessary the requirements for the door are just to have weight maxed and to be wearing the pyjama's (color doesn't matter). Another thing is that after promising to Major Swift you can fast travel to the quest marker on the map which takes you straight to Bowerstone Industrial instead of running the whole way through Mourningwood.

Edit: When first going to Brightwall to do the Reliquary, on the bridge as you approach the gates will open/jasper will start to talk about Brightwall. It is at this point that you can fast travel again. Fast traveling to the quest marker will take you inside the Academy.

Also I'm not 100% sure on this but for most enemies it seems that doing an undirected magic attack (just charge up and release) seems to do more damage than a directed attack.

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i have been looking to do the Good% run. though this first try shows me how hard/fun this will be. looks to be about 7:30:00 currently, working for less.

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I'm trying to get started in running this game (since I don't want to ruin my love for the first two, haha) and I was wondering what typical splits were used for segment timing? I mean, I could make up my own, but....


Hello my friends! If I was to run this game on XboxOne, would I be performing slower than on Xbox 360? I don't have a 360, but I have the digital 360 version that I can play on my Xbone.


TwoWorlds, your game runs better overall on xbox one, loadings will also be faster especially if you use the digital version.


Thanks man!

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that was a long time diffrence

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