Showing the in-game timer
Showing the in-game timer
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Eye of the Temple speedruns are based on starting speedrun challenges from within the game's menu. These challenges are timed based on the in-game loadless timer. (Loadless means that the timer pauses when the game is loading, so the time doesn't rely on how fast the speedrunner's computer is.)

When a speedrun challenge is completed, a menu pops up which shows the completion time. Speedrun videos should clearly show this completion time.

The rest of this guide is about optional timer functionality that is not required for submissions.

The PC version of the game also shows a timer in the upper left corner of the screen at all times during a speedrun challenge. This is not available in the native Quest version.

Some people speedrunning the game on PC like to use an external timer application called LiveSplit. Eye of the Temple has loadless timer integration with LiveSplit.

Getting LiveSplit

for Windows

LiveSplit is a timer application for Windows made for speedrunning. LiveSplit has autosplitting support for Eye of the Temple, which means the LiveSplit timer can show the in-game time and match it exactly.

Activating the Eye of the Temple autosplitter

You must activate the autosplitter made for Eye of the Temple.

Right click the main LiveSplit window and choose Edit Splits...

Type in "Eye of the Temple" as the game name. When the loadless timer appears, click the Activate button.

Wait a few seconds. If a dialog pops up asking you to switch to game time, click Yes. Lastly, click OK.

Customizing the look of the timer

LiveSplit has extensive customization options. You can see other guides on the net for details.

If you just want a minimal timer that only displays the time, you can do this:

Right click the main LiveSplit window and choose Edit Layout...

In the list of layout elements you can remove all elements except "Timer".

Lastly, click OK.