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I'm interested in picking up running this game, but I've got the PC version ( As things stand, there's no PC leaderboards or ability to submit a run of this title using this version of the game.

Could PC leaderboards be created to allow this version of the game to be run?


I second this, I think that it should be possible for people to submit times for both versions of the game giving people that don't own the n64 copy the ability to submit times.


Interesting thing about that... I was testing out the PC version and it seemed to be faster than usual. Turns out 1 minute on the clock in game is only 45 seconds in real life (with the game speed set to 100% in the settings). When I did the same test on emulator, the clock in game ran at the same speed as livesplit. This is actually really noticeable with the countdown before each race.

By these measurements, we may have to set game speed to 75% in the settings to make the game run at normal speed on the PC version.

This won't matter for IL runs because those are measured in IGT, but for full-game runs, playing on PC and setting the game speed higher would be instant time save, so there would have to be some kind of verification for each run that the game speed is set correctly (it wouldn't be that hard to do, you could just compare the in-game timer to livesplit to see if they run at the same speed).