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DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres Mole Mania Beat the Game 0:15:00 GB USA Link it's an amazing speedgame, glitch on level 1 allows you to skip straight to world 8 and do a boss rush, should only be about 15-20 min run. a little far for me to know, but I'm AST time zone, it would mostly depend on work but likely the afternoon to night.
DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres Kirby's Dream Land Normal Mode 0:15:00 GB USA Link everyone loves a good kirby game! My PB is only 174th on the board, but since so many people run the game it isn't really that bad (about 3 mins off WR) the game is a lot of fun and very fast pace. same as previous submission
DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres The Little Mermaid (GB) Any% 0:10:00 GB USA Link Really quick sub 10 min game, we did it for one of our games in Speedrun Weekly and everyone involved loved it. same as previous submission
Professor_PalmerProfessor_Palmer Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Easy 6:10:00 PS3 USA Link It's a gorgeous game that NO ONE sees ran, ever. It's very tense, very skill dependent since it is almost nonstop boss fights and encounter dodging tech. A few cool glitches, tons of tech, and some awesome strats used in various fights. I've run it in marathons before and have run a total of 20+ marathons myself. I commentate well and am WR holder. Name Oliver Name Mitey Name Lemur Name Sid Name Boggly 10 character limits Spoken language choice as well. English, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish Any
Professor_PalmerProfessor_Palmer Parasite Eve New Game 3:05:00 PS USA Link This is a very well known Square title with a huge uniqueness to it. RPG/Survival Horror combined in a one of a kind game. I am WR holder, have run this in over 20 marathons, and commentate it well. Aya's Name Any
Professor_PalmerProfessor_Palmer Petz: Dogz 2/Catz 2 Any% 1:50:00 PS2 USA Link It's hilarious. It's impossible to die or lose, so marathon safe. Huge meme of a game with tons of whacky stuff happening. Very crowd oriented game. I am WR holder, commentate, and have run it in other marathons. Choose cat breed - bid war (has almost all cat breeds) Choose cat gender Choose cat name Any
sinaladelsinaladel A Story About My Uncle NoFling Unlimited Grapples 0:35:00 PC USA Link Unlimited Grapples allows the player to use the grapple device unlimited times without landing on the ground to "recharge" the device like we would need to in normal nofling. This allows for more fast-paced and exciting movement and allows us to skip more of the game. There's very little downtime other than cutscenes (which take up about 6 minutes throughout the run) and every second of gameplay becomes interesting in unlimited grapples. Grapple beam color, acrobatics mode (backflips after every jump and grapple.) 24th and 25th basically any time. I'm in US central time so any time between 5am to 11 pm US central time works for me
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally Any% (Novice) 1:00:00 PS EUR Link A lot of racing games never really get shown at events like these, however I think that because this series has a small community and we'd like to show it isn't that boring to speedrun it will be fun to watch for others :) None None. If the event is still being run on the 25th then I'll be able to do 12 Noon - 7PM (UTC)
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Challenge % 0:38:00 PC EUR Link A lot of racing games never really get shown at events like these, however I think that because this series has a small community and we'd like to show it isn't that boring to speedrun it will be fun to watch for others :) None None. If the event is still being run on the 25th then I'll be able to do 12 Noon - 7PM (UTC)
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally 2005 Championship% 1:20:00 PC EUR Link A lot of racing games never really get shown at events like these, however I think that because this series has a small community and we'd like to show it isn't that boring to speedrun it will be fun to watch for others :) None None. If the event is still being run on the 25th then I'll be able to do 12 Noon - 7PM (UTC)
LonneLonne Need for Speed: Carbon Career Any% 0:20:00 PC EUR Link (New Game + Subcategory, submission wont allow me to select subcategories) This is the NG+ Any% which involves Wrong Warping to the end of the game after beating the prologue, since this is a challenging category i will be using a marathon safe strategy which involves doing a couple of races and getting an OP Tier 1 car (the 240sx) which allows us to blast pass darius
ÆtienneÆtienne Rise & Shine Any% 0:32:00 PC EUR Link It is a very dense run in a game filled with Easter eggs. There are puzzles, battles, RNG, skips, epic boss and difficulty! The 100% run instead of the Any% (extra time : 4 minutes) Weekends and after 8:30p.m during the week.
ÆtienneÆtienne Giga Wrecker Beat the Game 1:10:00 PC EUR Link A new Metroidvania rarely seen in a marathon! The study of the road to take for this speedrun was really enjoyable and will be nice to listen. This is a Any% speedrun with many techniques, puzzles and seven epics boss fights! Boss Rush Speedrun (Also name Astra Rush) Estimated extra time : 15min Weekends and after 8:30p.m during the week.
[Deleted user] Mega Man Star Force 2 2:40:00 DS JPN Link Because Star Force 2 is great When ever really
[Deleted user] Mega Man Star Force 3 3:30:00 DS JPN Link Star Force 3 is better than Star Force 2 When ever
SuperSqankSuperSqank Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando All Platinum Bolts 1:40:00 PS2 USA Link In this game, some creature and his robot friend travel across the universe to collect 40 platinum bolts. The run is full of a ton of cool skips due to the chargeboots which let you move very quickly and do some insane stuff in the second half of the run. The first half still has a few neat things too. A super hard yet fun run that you can definitely get some enjoyment out of watching. My timezone is UTC. As this will take place during the weekend, I should be free most times from 9 AM-9 PM. If the marathon extends into the weekdays, that time can be cut down to 5 PM-8 PM.
emeraldalyemeraldaly Hue any% 0:55:00 PC USA Link Hue is beautiful and relaxing colour-based puzzle platformer. The any% is very well-optimized, using intended and unintended warps to skip over many rooms. Many rooms also have clever 'ninja solutions' to entertain viewers. The game is gorgeous to look at and has a gentle, touching story to go along with an incredible OST (done by one person), it's a game that's bound to impress. Category bid war for warpless, which will be my next submission :D Mornings, Pacific time USA. 1 or 2 AM is fine. 9 or 10 AM is fine. Please not 5 or 6 AM. That will make sleep kind of problematic. If the marathon happens to span my typical days off work (Wednesday/Thursday, so I don't imagine it will) I can be available any time at all on those days.
emeraldalyemeraldaly Hue warpless any% 1:03:00 PC USA Link With all the same comments about the game itself as from my previous submission, warpless may just be the best category for a marathon. No rooms are skipped altogether, though a lot of the same 'ninja solutions' are used. This category also disallows the intended warps (which casual players tend not to even know about -- I certainly didn't!) along with the unintended warps, meaning this run much more strongly resembles an "ordinary" playthrough of the game. It also allows for the game's lovely story to be (almost!) fully told. Bid war with any%. Do we go fast (that's any%, fastest category), or do we have the more easily understood, and thus more newbie-friendly, warpless run? See previous submission.
emeraldalyemeraldaly inFAMOUS First Light Any% 1:25:00 PS4 EUR Link I did this run at AGDQ and, from what few comments there were about the game/run and not about my appearance, most people seemed to like it. It's not the most "broken" game out there but it's all about going fast. In inFAMOUS, we play as conduits, people with the genetic ability to manipulate and weaponise matter. It's a bit like the X-Men. Fetch's dominion is over Neon gas, thus also affording her super speed. It's quite the enjoyable run. See previous entry.
LonneLonne Need For Speed: Carbon Career Any% 2:20:00 PC EUR Link This is an alternative to the NG+ career any%, depending on schedule select one or the other (or maybe even both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) This involves beating each crew member one by one until we get to darius then we beat him using a corvette instead of a 240sx) Crew name possibly? or car colour possibly
LonneLonne Need For Speed: Rivals Cop Any% 1:25:00 PC EUR Link This is the cop career for NFS: Rivals, the first game made by the newly formed Ghost Games (comprised of old Criterion members) you are a cop and you do cop things such as busting racers, except we are using a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento which helps with the early game since we have heat 5 racers and a faster car
LylatRLylatR Star Fox 64 100% 1:27:00 N64 USA Link It's a pretty lit speed game and I like it. You go fast in an autoscroller, which is pretty interesting to see. Don't mind the GDQ submission video, it's just the best video I had. Kill Slippy - You kill Slippy. This is a separate category and WR is 12.9s, my PB is 13.03s. All times in PST: Mon-Thurs: 6pm-10pm Fri: 6pm-12am Sat: All day Sun: 12am-10pm
TSGTSG LEGO The Lord of the Rings Any% 2:40:00 PC Link Leaping across 50m gaps, rolling up 90 degree inclines like they are nothing, and launching yourself into the air by picking up a dwarf, is this game in a nutshell. In this game, some LEGO figures to go on a great journey across LEGO Middle Earth, to throw an evil ring into a pit of magma. And along the way, they use the broken physics engine of the game to their advantage. This results in a run which is very unique, compared to many other speedruns you typically see. With the sheer amount of tech in this run, as well as all the stuff going on in the background of the cutscenes, and just the general charm LEGO games have, you would be hard-pressed to find a dull moment in this run. Friday and Saturday 10pm - 4am (UTC+1)
BregermannBregermann Jersey Devil 100% 2:40:00 PC USA Link Its a fun time. Beautiful music and highly skill based 3d platformer with pretty awesome bosses. A much better PB is coming whenever
PojeBunnyPojeBunny Crashday (RE) 100% 1:15:00 PC Link It's a very fun game with an addicting multiplayer mode that not many people have heard about. The original game has been re-released recently with bugfixes and gameplay improvements. Hold the Flags without losing the flag Offroad Madness single combo 24, 25th - whole day
PojeBunnyPojeBunny RC Cars Championship% 1:05:00 PC Link Fun little childhood game. Many people played it and many people don't know about all the tricks and shortcuts you can do in this game. 24th, 25th - whole day
PojeBunnyPojeBunny Need for Speed: Underground Underground any% 5:05:00 PC Link It's the game that I've spent most of my time speedrunning till I had to take a break from it. If I'd beat the current best then Zeus himself would prepare a place for me in Valhalla :P 24th, 25th - whole day
PojeBunnyPojeBunny Dirt 3 Battersea Hidden Packages (Exhibition) 0:10:00 Link It's quite a fun little filler. I'd love to interest more people in this little mini speedrun.
davidtkidavidtki Shovel Knight Any% 0:42:00 PC USA Link Specter Knight shows a variety of tight platforming and insane boss kills and is a delight to watch and run. Color code or file name Due to my son's birthday weekend, I'm only available from 9pm-12am CST each night.
davidtkidavidtki Blaster Master Any%, Warpless (JP) 0:42:00 NES JPN Link Blaster Master is a classic of the Metroidvania genre known for its rather absurd difficulty. This run shows off all of the game while making it look like the easiest game ever. Due to my son's bday, I'm only available 9pm-12am CST each night.
davidtkidavidtki Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire (AGD Interactive Remake) 100% 0:42:00 PC USA Link Change things up a bit and throw in a puzzle game with RPG elements! Quest for Glory 2 features a class-based system and stat points to change how to approach puzzles, and this fan remake includes a total overhaul of the combat system to give each monster flavor and to make the mashing of the original version obsolete. Fighter 100% is the longest regular category and has multiple required fights forcing the hero to be strong enough to handle them. Nevertheless this category shows routing that minimizes training and downtime. Fan remake added a bonus easter egg boss - can add an incentive to load a save game with a maxed out hero (I'll need it) and fight this boss. 9pm-12am CST each night due to my son's bday.
davidtkidavidtki Robo Pit Any% (PlayStation) 0:30:00 PS USA Link Unleash the catharsis factor and use a pair of giant hammers to beat up lots of robots! This simply okay 3D fighting game features customizable robots. Critics panned the single player mode for being too long and monotonous - it's still monotonous, but it ain't long anymore. Just relax and beat up some robos. 9pm-12am CST each night due to my son's bday.
misterprmillermisterprmiller Quest for Glory Collection Any% 1:30:00 PC USA Link 1. Five games intended to be beaten around 100 hours or more by many players... conquered in less than 1:30:00 in Any% 2. Import system for characters - QFG1 exports to QFG2 and so on, so there's continuity. 3. PLENTY of funny glitches that can be shown-off. 4. When paired with davidtki's QFG2 100% Remake submission, you get to see JUST how much is skipped. 1. Current run uses the QFG1 remake and the QFG2 remake. I could swap either/both of these out for the EGA originals and would, at most, add 10 minutes. 2. Glitchless could be an incentive. This would add 45 minutes. 3. Class donation - do I play as Fighter/Wizard/Thief? Could add about 20 minutes. 4. Any of the above could be combined. 5. I could race QFG2 Any% against davidtki's QFG2 100%. I would race to complete the original EGA and remake Any% against one of David's 100%s. It would be close. As long as I know ahead of time, any day/time but Sunday.
EquanimityEquanimity Super Mario Odyssey Any% 1:20:00 Switch USA Link It’s recent, looks cool, and has lots of cool tech Nipple% (15 mins) Available after 4pm est on weekdays and all day for the most part on weekends.
dosboxfalcodosboxfalco Ghouls N' Ghosts Any% (Arcade) 0:20:00 Arcade JPN Link It's a short, sweet, skill-intensive run Early Saturday (8 A.M.-11 A.M. EST) would work well. 2-5 P.M. would also work probably. If Sunday is happening, Sunday 11 A.M.-2 P.M. EST is my most preferred.
BrookeSpeedrunsBrookeSpeedruns Shovel Knight Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link Submitting to be part of the potential Plague race Any time
LaurieDBunnykinsLaurieDBunnykins BiT Evolution Any% 1:05:00 PC USA Link I feel like you like 8-bit throwback 2D platformers I have an internet problem that keeps me from streaming from around the time of 6:30 PM EST until about 3 AM EST. weekdays I will most likely not have time to do this run.
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Super Metroid: Project Base Archive - 104% 0:52:00 WiiVC USA Link fast paced super metroid rom hack save or kill the animals everyday between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Sin and Punishment Normal Difficulty 0:50:00 WiiVC USA Link really cool shooting game everyday between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Bram Stoker's Dracula (SNES) Any% Normal Difficulty 0:23:00 SNES USA Link a not well known game that needs love everyday between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Contra ReBirth Easy Any% 0:20:00 WiiVC USA Link one of the best contra game IMO bid war choice between Bill Rizer, Genbei Yagyu, Newt Plissken or BR-W9 everyday between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Cruis'n USA Cruise the USA NG+ 0:28:00 N64 USA Link fun racing game everyday between 7 am EST - 6 pm EST
LaurieDBunnykinsLaurieDBunnykins Dust: An Elysian Tail Any% Warpless 1:05:00 PC USA Link A fast-paced metroidvania filled with many skips and glitches to keep you on your toes from start to about a minute before the finish Saturday 24 and February 25 from 6:30 AM EST to 6:30 PM EST
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Because marathon's name is Exploudathon 3 and this game is Crash Bandicoot 3 OpieOP Anytime on weekend (GMT-6)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Team Racing Any% Warpless 1:10:00 PS2 USA Link Last Naughty Dog game from Crash and first spin-off of the franchise. We need to drive as fast as possible in order to save the Earth from N. Oxide Anytime on weekend (GMT-6)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Any% [PS1] 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Why all the time (talking about Disney games) we just watch Kingdom Hearts & Mickey Mouse games?? We need to remember people that also another Disney characters has their own games Donald needs to rescue Daisy from Evil Wizard Merlock traveling arround the world Anytime on weekend (GMT-6)
PeterAfroPeterAfro What if Adventure Time was a 3D Anime Game Finn's Adventure 0:20:00 PC Link memes (all times in EST) Saturday: 9AM-12:30PM. Sunday and Tuesday: 9AM-9PM. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30PM-9PM. Thursday: 11AM-3:30 PM and 7PM-9PM
PeterAfroPeterAfro Jumping Flash! Any% 0:30:00 PS USA Link this game owns (all times in EST) Saturday: 9AM-12:30PM. Sunday and Tuesday: 9AM-9PM. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30PM-9PM. Thursday: 11AM-3:30 PM and 7PM-9PM
AmpsAmps Mega Man 2 Any% Zipless (Normal) 0:45:00 NES USA Link Very chill run, fairly easy and consistant, plus its a very well known game, will hopefully get viewers in. would prefer the later times, between 11PM-4AM CST