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I've been having more free time lately. Just not sure which one I want to go after first.

And who can point me in the right direction for a decent timer for my stream? I need a timer for dummies! hehe. I've Been streaming for about 12 years now and never used one before.



Let's go! Haha, I wanna see you decimate the Track & Field speedruns, but I'd love to see you come back to Excitebike too.

Recommended timer:

It takes a little getting used to, but it's really nice to have it do many functions. For example, with Excitebike you can set it up to enter in the in-game time splits as you go and it will add them up for the full run.

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I'm stuck on stupid trying to figure out this timer. I've watched multiple tutorials and every time I think I got it it....I don't.

Oh well. 2 wasted mornings


Ok, think I got it! Will need to play with it some tomorrow to be sure. Then de-rust. But if all is good a 5:45 will hopefully happen in the first session. Then take a little time to chip away at it till sub 5:30 .....maybe. lol