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im focusing on Section A run for now (im learning the basic trick one by one )

my problem is i ruined bunch of run by doing 7 race rather then 6 for some reason i can't undestand what changing or where i did bad in my menu cause i start Track 1 then select 4 then 5 but sometime before i select 4 i already got 4 track done (4 containing 2 track + 5 total 7)

i know my problem is really unclear but if someone got any idea what im doing wrong it would be really appreciate


It's supposed to be done in one segment. I would imagine you didn't actually qualify each race and so it sent you back to the track selection menu. The way the game is setup is a little funky, so if you don't qualify a track, you can't continue to the next track by selecting it. You need to select track 1 and then qualify each race in order to submit a time (for a total of 6 races) for the "Selection A" category. 🙂

Sorry for the late response, and hope this helps.

- andrewg