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Hi moderators,
Selection A in 5m 56s 840ms by Ultxsda is notified played on NES but with the video I think it's WiiVC [Emu] instead.

I did not verified the other runs in the leaderboard.


so... you want me to change it to WiiVC??...
i think its fine the way it is tho.

also why does it bother you? haha.


I thought it was an emulation because of its window on the PC screen. But yeah I think I guessed wrong. The movement of the cursor is too chaotic to be done by a mouse.

It's still a WiiVC game, not the NES game. So my change request is "NES" to "WiiVC" (not emu) now.

"i think its fine the way it is tho. "
I just wanted to point out an error I have seen in the leaderboard I can't rectify myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Selection A in 6m 33s 380ms by Jean20B is done in NESClassic mini console,
and every level-run by Ultxsda is done in WiiVC


I added the WiiVc to the game and ill fix some stuff up later today i got to go to school now haha.