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Hello, I am one of the new moderators for Excitebike 64, and I’m thankful that Leopold67 made me a moderator, the same goes with him doing so for Andou88, glad he also made him a moderator. I wanted to use this forum to discuss, and tell you what my plans are for the community. Some of the changes already went into effect, but I will talk to the moderators before we make a big change. Let’s start with,

Fixing Individual Level leaderboards.

So if you have already seen, I fixed the IL leaderboards. Before, erru9107 made the leaderboard, but they didn’t really fit on what IL leaderboards are supposed to be, so I changed it, going from “Bronze ILs” to Best Race Time and Best Lap Time. Each course is to be done on the default lap settings, all extra courses that were added (Kyoto (Challenge)) were deleted as they were just a 1 lap version of the track. I also added the special tracks (Excitebike 3D, Uphill, and Desert). Desert and Uphill you do not have to worry about a lap time, just focus on the race time. As of right now, the downhill cheat will not have a leaderboard, and any run submitted using that cheat will get rejected. My ideas would only be to see if people are interested in a downhill leaderboard.

Old runs.

If you had an old run that was waiting to get verified that you deleted, please let us know, and resubmit that time. I mostly made this section because of Meauxdal’s forum post, as I do think it was a little harsh the way he was talking about the mods, now that we have the moderators to verify sooner, I will privately message him if he wants that run verified. Again, if you are waiting on a run for a couple days to get verified, let us know.


This next section is for another leaderboard that has Excitebike 64. Cyberscore.uk has some times getting submitted on there, but they do not enforce video proof. My idea was to cross all of the times from there to get a better understanding on what the leaderboards look like. This idea is up to the other moderators and the community if they would want this, I would be happy either way.

Video Proof

This is something I want to address, personally for me, I think a less strict rule on video proof would be better as most people don’t think to record their times, or don’t have a good recording device for those runs. This is something I will discuss with Andou to see what he thinks, at least making it a “Top 3 runs must have video proof” something along those lines.

That’s all I have at the moment, anything that has not been addressed, let us know and we will try and make a ruling for that. I’m excited to get this community bigger. Thank you for reading, and happy racing!


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Awesome news, can't wait to get stuck into it.


This is great news, I think i'll get back to this game now!! 🙂

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