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Hello ExciteBike 64,

I am learning this game a bit and wondering about version differences, the list of versions, and the best one(s) for speedrunning. Please let me know if you have additional information on versions and the differences. Looking at the list of versions I don't have, the IQue version should retain it's load time/console slowdown advantage over N64 just like other games.
(I own: NTSC-U on cart, NTSC-J and PAL on everdrive, VC-U on Wii U)

Cutting Room Floor Version Differences: https://tcrf.net/Excitebike_64

Found this version list website without the VC releases; claims there are 2 versions of NTSC-U https://www.nintendo64ever.com/Details,101,Excitebike-64.html

IQue Differences website:

Demo Version: https://hiddenpalace.org/Excitebike_64_(Demo)

WIP Version List



Wii U VC

Differences to Test (Not Done):
Music on/off
SFX on/off
Voice on/off
Camera Positions
HiRes on/off

JP vs U
PAL vs U
IQue vs U
N64 vs VC
Confirm/Deny 1.0/1.1, test differences

Version Differences Reporting for Compilation:
Japanese Version has many of the options taken out of the pause menu; only able to be accessed through main options menu

Japanese Version has a modified UI with all 3 laps being displayed at the top left instead of bottom left; added map in bottom left

The Virtual Console(U) version appears to be a direct port of NTSC-U(presumably they would port 1.1 if that exists). The game runs noticeably smoother with presumably faster loads as well but has not been tested. There is no ability to load ghosts unfortunately on the Wii U version it appears.

The Wii U VC version seems to have much more sensitive joystick due to bad input conversion; yet to try GC controller but will always come short of n64 precision. I don't think it's viable to use compared to n64 in time trial but depending on how much lag save is possible in RTA it might be useful in the rounds categories.

The Wii U VC version has a save state function that can be used for routing; be aware it only has one save state at a time so it's not as good as emulator with TAS tools like frame advance for testing routes

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