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Comment with your category suggestions here! (Please give a proper description of that the category entails)


Not really a category suggestion but more of a question affecting existing categories.
If totally out of topic please let me know - I will delete my message and open a fresh topic 🙂

I was pretty much planning to run the game, but I saw the difficulty on leaderboard starts on "Normal" - and I was wondering why "Story Mode" and "Easy" are not part of it, and if there was some plan to open them in the future ?

Asking as basically Pacifist on "Normal" was totally fine for me 'till final Boss - and Genocide is a total different story (trying to complete my casual playthrough - and struggling - on Easy).
I really like the game and would really enjoy running it, but the difficulty is currently the main point preventing me from doing so 🙁


Maybe a category for the racing minigame?


I would love to see a Cat God% where you start as normal, but the run ends after getting the ending in the Incinerator.

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How about Arm%? Pretty straight forward. Goes up until you get the arm.


The timing would be as fast as the genocide route before arm and have no differentiating strategies, I don't think it would be a good category.

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