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I’m changing the rules to the Any% category. @niofalpha submitted a run that technically followed the rules but achieved the “endscreen” by simply quitting the game. According to the current rules this would make for an easy 0 second speedrun and eliminate the competitive nature a speedrun should have. This change will have no effect on other accepted runs.

So, just for the record, niofalpha did have WR according to old rules by 4 seconds. His run has been rejected in respect to new rules.

For reference, this was the run in question:


delete run ?


Unfortunately only Niofalpha can delete/rename his own youtube-video. He never will be - and never was - accepted on the leaderboards with a run of that nature.


0-seconds run is still possible. Play as The Knights and accept rebels' demand which is ceding your only province to Byzantium.

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Rules dictate timer to start at any in-game action after gaining control which includes any clicking and screen opening. To accept rebels' demands you must do that. Day 0-runs would be possible in this way with a couple of nations, but truly 0.000-seconds runs are not.

It would be way faster than current WR though, so if you want a free meme-record it's all yours.