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I bring forth my suggestions for new categories:

It would be great to have some of the more popular achievements like "Big Blue Blob" or "Luck of the Irish/Re-Reconquista/Sunset Invasion/Basileus". Also a “Renovatio Imperii” or “Dismantle HRE”-category.

A 500 or 1000 total provinces speedrun (or a short 1 province in every continent). Win the HRE-religious war as leader of a Protestant or Reformed league (or Anglican in the new Rule Britannia dlc, depending on however that works). Unify islam. Have your colonies own or directly own all of americas yourself.

Maybe a form Roman Empire-speedrun. Other speedrun-viable formable nations could be:
- Hindustan/Bharat/Mughals
- Arabia
- Japan
- Qing
- Rûm
- Jerusalem
- Persia
- Malaya
- Romania

Unfortunately most formable European countries isn’t really viable as they require admin tech 10 and would be mostly waiting. Maybe there’s a patch where admin tech 10 isn’t required to form some nations, I’ll look into that.

Mind you, I’m not saying all of these would be good or even runnable categories. It’s merely just me blurbing suggestions from the top of my head.

Now, let’s get some runs rolling in a category that is not any% PogChamp

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Okay, after the post-rambling adrenaline wore off I realized it probably would be a terrible idea and a complete mess to add all possible categories at once.

Maybe we could take inspiration from the GTA Category Extensions leaderboards ( ) and make an empty category where runners can submit any run describing any new category not yet on the leaderboards. From there on mods and/or the community can discuss, evaluate and vote, whether or not it would be a valid new category. This way we encourage people to actually do a run before requesting and thereby effectively avoiding heaps of empty categories.

While the community is still small a forum thread for new categories will probably suffice, but preparing for the EU4-speedrunning community to blob like early game Otto I feel like the aforementioned solution might not be bad.

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i have read your messages.
I think, and it s true, i can create more categories. 500 provinces why not, 100 i don t think. 1 province in every continent is very intresting and very funny i will add this category.
For form country, i think we can make a strowpoll for know the country who people want to do the speedrun, i don't want to have a game with 15 or more categories. (We can if all categories are speedrun, but today no).
Your idea to do a patch for "admin tech 10 isn’t required to form some nations" is so intelligence, i don t know why i didn t think it before. I will post a message on forum for search a people who can do this. (Can you make this patch?)
Do you think create a discord for the community is good? I don't if it is a good idea.


Yeah, it would be great with a EU4-discord - I can spam my ideas in there 🙂

I have some ideas regarding the setup of the leaderboards if we at some point get too many categories (it will probably happen). Essentially it’s making the actual categories as subcategories. I’ll do some Photoshop-magic to visualize my idea and post it on the discord CoolCat

My opinion is that we shouldn’t blindly add every new categories. People with a new category in mind should request them, post videoproof of a run and explain the requirements. From there we can make an informed decision on whether to accept or decline the category.

Regarding the patch I meant official EU4 patch. You can easily downpatch the game in Steam. Well, at least version 1.6 and up (there was no ironman from 1.0 to 1.5). I tried going through the patches, and it seems most Euro-nations always require admin tech 10. Luckily that is not the case with Rûm, Qing and really most non-European nations.

Modding is a whole different beast that shouldn’t be accepted unless the category explicitly says so.