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I've long considered speedrunning and requesting this game. Cool you've taken it upon your shoulders to create it 🙂

The only thing that's been holding me back is that EU4 isn't really a speedgame by nature, and the whole IGT-thing seems a bit counter-intuitive to me as a speedrunner. I find it problematic that a speedrun legally could be in multiple segments. It completely eliminates the rushing-perspective a speedrun should have. IGT also allows save-scumming which if RTA-timing was used would result in timeloss, but instead now is free and almost encouraged.

A rule change disallowing quitting the game would prevent this, but that would require runners to record the whole run not just the recap.

To be fair if time was measured by RTA the strongest computer would have an advantage, so IGT might be the lesser of two evils. It just feels like breaking the constitutional laws of speedrunning when the timer is directly controlled (pausable) by the runner. It's at least a topic that should be discussed thoroughly.

TL;DR: I'm suggesting an RTA vs IGT reevaluation, my point being that EU4-IGT never should be used in a speedrun, maybe as a tie-breaker. If IGT is kept I'm suggesting disallowing quitting/restarting the game. Furthermore every run should be fully recorded and be done as a single segment.

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