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Ask your questions here, if you don't want to ask in discord


Yeah I was invited to the discord a couple days ago and I haven't been verified yet.


Why has this marathon been an absolute mess?

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What I want to know is if chibi pocketed the money. I asked him on the stream, and he said you'd be emailed a receipt, but chibi has already been caught lying with multiple aspects of this marathon and doing other questionable things (asking speedrundrama to take their video down; faking the deus ex run instead of saying the runner dropped out; whatever else I missed), so I don't really trust anything he says.

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Wow, absolutely amazing. It's hard to imagine a marathon going this badly, lack of organization, incompetent staff, a lack of user verification, streamkey(and even fucking teamviewer) leak multiple times, mods who tried to damage control.
I'm shocked that this didn't end with someone having a mental break down and shutting down the channel. Wait, that's exactly what happened. This marathon couldn't possibly have gone any worse, it was a huge failure all round, for the Easter Seals it was a stain, for the runners it was a waste of time, and most importantly, for chibi, as it damaged the one thing he was trying to fix, his reputation. I'm glad. Someone of his status doesn't deserve to be respected in this community. Its just a little sad he kept trying to earn it.
I hope that if anyone out there ever plans on organizing their own marathon, that they use this marathon as an example for what not to do. I feel bad for the staff, even though they weren't very good, they weren't responsible for this. Chibi and his lack of actually thinking were, just like how he cheated without thinking, just like He sung without thinking, just like a spoke without thinking. Don't come back, you've made it clear that you aren't capable of participating in the speedrun community.

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He didn't try to earn it. That was my point all along.

He wanted a shortcut. Instead of being a good worker bee, earning trust, working his way back to respect, he decided to do his own marathon and be the leader.

Nobody liked that jump.

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Agreeing with @PresJPolk

I was not a staff member of the marathon, I just managed the marathon page on this website.