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Right then, I figure it's about the time when people need to confirm they'll have rooms at the hotel. And while we do have a channel for travel and accommodations on the Discord server, having a thread to keep track of room information seems like a good idea too.

So: If you need a room, or are looking for people to share a room with, here's the thread for you! Post here if you've got spare spots in a booked room, or are looking for a spot to sleep during the event. I'll try to keep this post updated with what's available.

And since I've booked a room, let's start listing.

=Kenny's room=
Quad room from 2018-02-19 (Monday) to 2018-02-25 (Sunday)
Occupants: KennyMan666, KalalMar, Wiredwicky, Tompa
Price: 1800:- per person
As the one having booked the room, my only demand is first pick of bed. As I've learned the quad rooms have bunk beds, my only actual requirement is that I get a bottom bunk. Calling final on these days.

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I'd like to apply for the free spot. I'm personally not that difficult with picking a bed and since I was actually planning to arrive on the 19th anyway, it seems like a good fit?


Can certainly do that. So if Jinny actually wants that spot then all the beds in my room are taken.

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Looking for
Room for 3/quad bedroom
Duration: Friday 16th February to leaving (early) Sunday 25th February.

EDIT: 2nd Jan. Got a room sorted.

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One or two extra days would be really nice to have Kenny.
Also it's KalarMar with a Ka.


Looking for 3 others to share room. Tuesday to Wed (20th to 21st)


So Jinny dropped from my room, so there's another free spot now. I still have not finalized my decision on when I'll actually get to Växjö, I'll say.

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Sorry for taking so long with this, but for time and money reasons, I personally will not extend my stay in Växjö any. I'm extremely reliant on the people who wanted the spots actually keeping them for that duration now because I can't afford paying for someone not showing up.

Edit: Also, got my train ticket - I will arrive in Växjö at 18:59 on the 19th, it was the best option that day. My train then leaves at 13:02 on the 25th. I really can't justify any extra days for a variety of reasons. The room is available until 12:00 on the 25th.

So the total price for that hotel room is going to be 1800:- per person and if I read this hotel booking confirmation correctly, payment is on arrival, so I'm going to need that money by the time I arrive at the hotel. The price does include breakfast buffet at the hotel, and the other facilities they have - pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym. So there's that.

Tompa's going to stay in the room as well and will arrive before I do so he's said he'll be getting a room for his own prior to my arrival, so if any of the others in my room was going to arrive earlier as well, maybe talk to him about it.